aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

I'm sorry, take me back!

Ok, this fanfiction has pushed me off the tender cliff of sanity and forced me at knife point to rekindle my old fangirl crush on Albert Wesker.  I changed my desktop theme to Wesker, I changed my cover picture on Facebook to Wesker, and I just got a couple of Wesker LJ icons.  Ugh, this is insanity!  But I've missed being married to Wesker. 

And for the record, I was married to Wesker before all these cheesy Wesker fangirls came strolling around.  I've seen these chicks online and they're a mess, ugh!  Please.  I'm not one of those chicky-come-latelies that started liking him after the GameCube remake or Umbrella Chronicles.  Wesker and I married back in the summer of 1996.  Back after the first original Resident Evil came out on PlayStation One, so I am the original Wesker fangirl!  Plus (somewhere in Philly) I have a custom made Albert Wesker dogtag, so how you like me now!

But why did I fall out of love with you Wesker?  Why did we ever get divorced?  And why did I ever cheat on you with Solid Snake, what was I on?!

And I know, I know...  All that trash talk about how I was young and foolish when we got married...  I didn't mean it.  It was Snake's evil influence, but now I see the error of my ways and it's too late.  My dear darling ex-husband is dead.  And died in the most stupid of ways too.  Splashing around in lava...  What was Crapcom trying to do?!  But if he was still alive I would ask for his forgiveness and I would promise to never go skulking off with anyone else, because he is my one and only fangirl love!

Tags: albert wesker, fanfiction, resident evil series, video games

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