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I know I know I know...

Yes, I know my fangirling knows no boundaries.  Yes I am aware that this is probably very unhealthy especially for a woman of my age.  And yeah, I probably should seek some type of professional help, yes.  But this LJ is called Diary of a Deranged Fangirl for a reason.  If I sat there and talked about normal sane things you'd all get bored and find someone else's LJ to read. But nevertheless, yeah, I am back on full red alert level of Wesker Fangirl-dom.  And I have a stupid squee to share, so just look at my stupid squee and deal with your problems!

I saw this on Tumblr (and you know it's bad if I'm going that Tumblr route, cause I don't even like Tumblr like that!) and I couldn't help but fangirl out!

Wesker and Chris Shounen Ai

The first and the last pictures are my favorite.  It almost makes me want to go that Yaoi fanfic route, but I just can't go there.  I love my ex-husband too much to defile his name by putting him with that cheese rag Chris.  But those are pretty cute pics though.

And can I say, thank goodness this fanfiction is nearly finished, because I am now quite a few sandwiches short of a picnic at this point!

Edit- Here is the direct link to the pics.  The Tumblr page keeps changing, so it's better if I gave you a direct link instead of the Tumblr one.

Tags: albert wesker, fanfiction, yaoi

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