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Musings on writing Wesker's Conquest Part 1

Huzzah!  I finished Wesker's Conquest today (actually it was yesterday, but I'm just getting around to posting this now).  I don't know what it was about those last two chapters, but damn, they were long and near impossible to get through.  But in my defense, yesterday I was having an apathetic moment up until about 10:30 last night.  I didn't get super productive on it until then and shortly thereafter I had to go to bed, so it was kind of a mess.

But let's break it down gradually shall we?

The idea for the story: Ok, as stated in a previous LJ, I decided to write this story based on the line "And here I thought dear old dad was just a deadbeat who skipped out on us..."  I thought it was intriguing that Wesker's kid wasn't a clone or wasn't like his little  protege or whatever.  Given that line, Jake was obviously the product of an illicit tryst between Wesker and some poor unsuspecting woman. Plus with Wesker being the evil weasel he is he just up and dumped her off to the side.  Excellent premise for a story and here is where I took off running, seven days after the game came out.

About Annika:  Well, I wanted the woman Wesker up and left to be fairly young.  Originally I wanted her to be fifteen and for her to give birth to Jake at sixteen.  I wanted her to be easily seduced by Wesker's promises of undying love and marriage.  I figured a young girl like Annika who pretty much had been sheltered and controlled by her father all her life would be easily taken in by Wesker's lies, charm, and rugged good looks.  I also wanted her to be on the extreme end of naive, because Wesker seems like a man who would exploit anyone who was that easily manipulated and not care about how his actions effected them.

About Wesker:  Oh I have been accused of taking Wesker out of character a couple of times.  I think that is why I gave up on Resident Evil fanfiction before, the fans were a little to critical for my taste.  Actually I was accused of taking Wesker Out of Character in this story too, but I pretty much ignored this comment and did what I wanted.  Basically I had Wesker play the role of Don Givoanni (A great opera with another sleazy seducer), but instead of loving Annika and leaving her, I had him trapped in a solitary place for awhile.  One of the comments I got early on said Wesker was a sexual predator and I completely agree with that statement.  I wanted him to be a sexual predator and to prey on the innocence of a young girl.  I think for Wesker to be trapped in a small uninteresting town would lead to boredom and frustration and hence the need to release some of that frustration sexually.

Ok can I admit something...?  I loved writing a Wesker sex scene!  I loved it a lot and that first sex scene is a bit different in my personal version than the FF.net version.  In the first scene there is a part that explains that Wesker is very well endowed and another part where Wesker makes Annika masturbate him.  I think sexually Wesker would be the type of man who would be super dominate and require a super submissive partner and Annika, despite not wanting to submit to his sexual proclivities, always caves in and gives Wesker what he wants.  But if I could have gotten away with it, I would have stuck tons of highly sexualized scenes in Wesker's Conquest, but I chickened out and erred on the side of good taste.  Plus with the rules about those sort of things in FF.net, I didn't want to cheese off anyone.

Another thing I liked about Wesker is by the end of the story and the last time Annika catches up with him, he is a complete jerk.  For openers he's completely over being in Edonia and spends the opening talking smack about her homeland, two he's all but forgotten about Annika until he sees her later in the chapter and even then he is only sexually interested in her.  And three, it's quite a messed up juxtaposition that he's living it up in the lap of luxury surrounded by people who are supportive and accepting of him, while Annika is poor and has only a hand full of people by her side. 

One of the most messed up parts of the story (and one that I personally love) is how Wesker is completely disinterested in his unborn child and is more interested in having one last fling with a very pregnant Annika.  And even then it's only to prove the rumors about being with a pregnant woman true or not.  My favorite line in the story is "Wesker felt nothing emotionally for this child. He felt no pride, no happiness, and no excitement. He couldn't even feel that primal masculine egotism many men feel at successfully spreading their seed."  You have no idea how long I had been waiting to write that line.  I had come up with it early on and could not wait to use it. 

The titles: I have some really interesting titles if you didn't notice.  All of the chapters that Wesker are in, the titles of those chapters, execpt maybe the first chapter, are...  I guess clinical is the word I am looking for.  Most of the terms in the chapters are used in Business Anaytics, but they applied flawlessly for this story.  I think I mentioned in one of the updates that the chapter title was appropriate.  Most of the terms if you looked them up you would go "Ooooh...".  But the reason for that is because Wesker is one to look at everything as either a business or scientific proposition.  The chapters with Annika have "normal" titles, because she doesn't perceive the world the same way Wesker does.

Ok that's it for now.  I'll have the rest up later.

Edit- Part 2 of the Author's notes can be found at this entry!
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