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Musings on writing Wesker's Conquest Part 2

Hey, if you want to read the first part it's either below this entry or you can click right here if you're too indolent to scroll down.

But let us continue and finish my musings on writing Wesker's Conquest...

Side Characters *Family*:  I have to admit, when I first started writing Wesker's Conquest, I didn't intent on having so many side characters.  I originally planned on having Misha (Annika's father) and the midwife Adviga Pechkin.  But as the story unfolded I ended up adding a cavalcade of people.  I don't know why I decided to make Annika's family so large and really, most of the family I only used in that one part when Wesker was playing Zsírozás (Which is a real card game played in Eastern Europe and Russia) with them.  I guess it was one of those ideas that seemed good at the time and it worked out fine, but I probably at a low should have had Alexei and his wife in it one more time.  Ekaterina was a very last minute addition, but her character worked out well.  Even though she was the matriarch of the family, it was Misha who wielded all the power and that part was never more evident than in Part Eight where he disowns Annika.

Speaking of Misha, he actually comes directly from a line that Jake says somewhere in RE6, I don't remember the exact quote, or where I even heard it in the game, but it goes something like people in his country hate Americans.  I don't go into why Misha hates Americans, which I probably should have.  Actually, I had planned during the disowning part for Misha to say that Annika's mother left him for an American and that is why he hated them, but when I wrote it down it didn't seem...  Consistent I guess; so I just let that go and said her mother died from an unknown illness.  But it's unknown why Misha hates American's so much.  Maybe he brought into the old Soviet ideals and that's why, but we'll never know...  Anyway, I sort of like Misha.  He was true to himself and his ideals, which you kinda have to admire in a person.  However, the way he disowned his daughter and called her out for being a "whore" was really messed up and probably one of the harshest things I've ever put in a fanfiction.

Side Characters *Friends*: Kazia and her father The Doctor were on the opposite spectrum of where Misha was, where he was cruel they were compassionate and I think Annika, especially after the ugliness at the end of Part 8 needed some compassion.  Kazia and her father were both last minute additions to fill a gap needed to how Annika discovered she was pregnant.  Annika didn't seem like the kind of girl who knew about sex and where babies came from, so I doubt she would have put 2 and 2 together to figure it out on her own, so in stepped Kazia and her father to explain things.

I do like that The Doctor refers to them as Snow White and Rose Red.  I thought about that story out of the blue while I was writing this and I figured it would fit perfectly to describe Annika and Kazia's friendship.

Miss Vasnev, Kazia's aunt and The Doctor's sister.  Originally when I came up with the concept of Annika going to a "Magdalen Asylum" I was going to make Miss Vasnev an adversary to Annika and in no relation to any other character.  Originally I was going to have Annika comb the streets of The Capital looking for Wesker and when he discovers she is looking for him, he has the police pick her up and shipped to St. Gabriel's Home, which wasn't so much a warm and loving place, then a nightmarish torture factory that she has to escape from.  While this would have made a far more interesting plot, I promised myself this story wouldn't go past 10 chapters.  When that didn't work I promised it wouldn't go beyond 12 and when that didn't work, I said no more than 13.  The evil St. Gabriel's Home would have stretched this story way out and I wasn't willing to have another Love's Sorrow on my hands.

Another reason I didn't want to do this plot is that in reading Jake's bio repeatedly, it did say that his mother still loved Wesker, so I needed him not to do something that messed up to her.  But Miss Vasnev ended up being a motherly figure for Annika, which is something that she really lacked.  She was the one who stayed by her side as Jake was born and watched over her while she was sick.  I pretty much made her take over the role Kazia would have been had she been in the Capital with Annika.

Olga Bukov- Annika's roommate...  My original concept for her stems from the plot where Annika is trapped at St. Gabriel's rather than being there of her own free will.  Olga was going to be a blonde girl whom Annika met and bonded with.  She was also going to be a sex worker who had had three other children before her most recent pregnancy.  Pretty much in the printed version I didn't go into Olga's life too much, because there wasn't any leeway to add her backstory and I wanted to keep the focus on Annika.

Jake's Birth:  I knew from the door I was going to have Annika have a difficult labor.  I wanted Jake to be breech and born breech, which I watched a lot of scary Youtube videos about breech births and you can vaginally deliver a baby that is breech.  While I wouldn't recommend it, it can be done.  And I wouldn't recommend watching those Youtube videos either.  I spent half the time screaming like I was in the situation.  But in addition to being breech, I also wanted him to be pre-mature.  Grant it, he was pretty much full term, but I had his due date set to October 15th and he was born a month early, September 15th.

Oh and speaking of birthdays, I have a weird knack for choosing birthdays that match video game characters personalities.  I choose Jake to be a Virgo and his birthday for September 15th, because in my book of birthday's people born on the 15th of September are: "honorable, impatient, responsible, disruptive, inventive, self-centered, kind, and rash."  There are some other things about Sept. 15th that strike me as being complete like Jake's personality, but it was just crazy that I was so spot on.

Side note- In the fanfic A Rite of Passage, I have Wesker's birthday set to January 30th.  The same birthday as Dick Cheney and extremely fitting if you ask me.

But also about Jake's birth, pretty much the reason why he was premature is because his mother and father had had sex one last time, which is why she went into labor.  Sometimes orgasmic sex can trigger labor.  Not that you wanted or needed to know that.

Well that's all I can think of.  I'm sure there are some other things you would like to know about this story.  If you have a question just email me and I'll answer it, but otherwise I am happy that it is such a popular story.  I'm very proud of it and I'm glad it's been so well received.  Right now I'm working on the next one-shot story, which has me a little stumped at the moment, but I am determined to write this. 

Although right now, I'm going to take a quick nap, cause I'm a bit sleepy.  Next I'll post up a quick musing on The Uncomfortable Conversation and after that I'll do a normal entry.
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