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Musings on writing The Uncomfortable Conversation

This Author's Notes will be short, because this is a one shot so it doesn't need a lot explaining.

Concept:  I wrote this on the concept that in RE6 Chris said to Jake that he would explain things after they made it back alive.  At least I thought I heard Chris tell this to Jake, cause when I went to go look for that line later on I couldn't find it.  And then I found out it was Sherry who encouraged Jake to talk to Chris, but I don't know I swore I heard Chris tell Jake they would talk later on, so that's where this story came from.

Side note- If you are a visitor from FF.net, you will notice a lot of my story concepts stem from one line or a scene or something.  Pretty much that is how all my concepts run.

Chris- I pretty much I think I stuck to how his characterization is, brooding and kinda moody.  That scene (which to this day I do not understand) where he tells Jake he killed Wesker, when he looks at Jake he gives him this kind of sorrowful look and then when Jake is threatening to kill him, Chris looks really remorseful and at peace, sort of like "I deserve this for killing Wesker".  All that emotion for Chris I put into his parts and pretty much I think it was true to form.

Jake- You know, on a personal level, I don't really know how I feel about Jake.  He does amuse me, but I don't LOVE him like I LOVE Wesker.  He has his merits and I do like how snarky he can be, but I don't know...  I think Jake is a "decent guy" and there are things I like about him, but LOVE...  I wouldn't go there.  Ok with that being said, I think I kept Jake's characterization in tact.  He really didn't want to hear about his father at all and he really didn't want to hear about him from Chris.  I think I captured that pretty well.  Never once in any of that conversation did he warm up to Chris nor did he try to get all chummy with him either.  It was tell me what you need to tell me and keep it moving.  Even at the end he reluctantly shakes Chris's hand, which I think would happen.  I would like to think I did well it keeping both Jake and Chris in character.

Favorite Line(s): I actually have two favorite lines in this.  The first is delivered by Jake, "Stop trying to tickle my balls and get to the real reason why I'm sitting here."  That totally sounds like something he would say.  The other favorite line is "Wesker, Captain Wesker, was more than just his commanding officer; he was a trusted adviser, a mentor, and a friend."  I love this line, because Wesker to me is somewhat different than the leader of S.T.A.R.S, Captain Wesker.  I would think Wesker had good management and leadership skills, also he had to recruit/ hire the members of S.T.A.R.S so somewhere along the lines he would have had to talk with each of them.

I think this is really all I wanted to say about The Uncomfortable Conversation.  It's a one-shot, so I don't have a ton of intense feelings about it.  I thought I did a pretty good job navigating between two characters that had to deal with an unpleasant conversation.  Especially given their tenuous past with one another too. 

Currently, I am boinking off writing the other one-shots, because a brand new story crept in my head and is begging to be written.  Either when I come home tonight or first thing tomorrow I am going to start it, but it's a new Wesker story.  Look for it soon!
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