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Yup, it's truly over and I am officially insane....

After having MGS (Metal Gear Simpson) as my default LJ icon for...  I wanna say I got that icon back in early 2005, so like after seven years of having that as my main icon for all these years, I have thrown it over for my "Anime Wesker" icon.

Ah...  After all those years of being a Snake fangirl and denouncing Wesker, I have finally turned my back on Snake and returned the the very place I was circa 1996. 

It's so sad and tragic, but what can you do? 

Oh well so goes life as a deranged fangirl.

Also, I'm heading back to Philly for two weeks today.  It's weird, I'm really reluctant to leave FL this time.  I have this nagging, "Jose needs me" feeling and it's creeping me out.  Oh well, it will have to be suppressed because I don't have a choice but to get on this plane today.
Tags: albert wesker, heading home

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