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Musings on writing Crime and Punishment

I finished Crime and Punishment four days ago and I was really proud of myself, because it was not the easiest story to write.  I had writer's block several times writing this story, so while seemingly easy, it was really and truly hard to write.  When I think about it though,the theme in and of its self is not easy to pull off.  As a commenter stated, most S.T.A.R.S. stories revolve around Wesker just wanting to kill off the S.T.A.R.S. members while he absconded with whatever from Umbrella.  I don't think that's 100% how it would go.  I think Wesker would be more indifferent towards the S.T.A.R.S. in the beginning of it all and that the animosity would surface later on.  But no matter what the case may be, this is a very typical Aa-chan type story and probably something that no other fanfiction author would take on as a project.  With that begin said let's get down to brass tacks shall we?

Idea for this story- Ok, I was in the middle of writing a couple of other fanfics when I had the idea that Wesker would infect someone he arrested with the Tyrant Virus and that idea was a quick flash in my mind coupled with the fact that when I read Wesker's Report II it said he had no idea where the test subjects came from.  The plot was such a simple concept, but I knew I wouldn't be able to shoehorn it into any of the other stories I was writing so I came up with a story just for it and thus Crime and Punishment were born.

Title- When I thought of the storyline I knew this was going to be the title for the story, so that was a no brainer.

Wesker's Characterization- Finally, I story where I wasn't accused of taking Wesker off character!  Usually I'll get that comment somewhere along the way, but not this time.  Pretty much I had Wesker as a hard-ass straight-man.  Even as Captain Wesker he was focused and driven the entire story, but I do try very hard to keep Wesker as straight laced as possible.

Favorite line(s)- Actually this is more like a favorite part, but the entire exchange between Wesker and the drug addict prostitute Tammy Garner, but if I had to pick a favorite line from this part it would the part right after she offers him fellatio in the interrogation room, it's the last sentence of Wesker's thought, "Wesker could think of a hundred other things he would rather do than allow this vile person to come anywhere near him, let alone place her filthy mouth on something so pristine."  I don't know why but that line tickles me how disgusted Wesker is by her.  Also at the end the line, "It felt like bugs were crawling not only all over his body, but also burrowing themselves into his flesh, and laying a million eggs of acid inside him."  When I wrote that down, my skin kind of crawled a little bit.

The ending- As stated I previously, I knew how this story was going to end and I couldn't wait to write it down.  The ending came out far better than I had imagined originally.  It was a super last minute decision to have Wesker dump his ashes into hydroiodic acid, cutting Thatcher's tongue out was always going to be a part of his final torture.  But I love the ending to this story.  It was really scary when Wesker unveiled his true personality and the kind of cruelty he was capable of, but I say Thatcher still kind of deserved it after the way he acted throughout the story.  Leaving his drug addicted girlfriend to rot in jail, practically abandoning his infant daughter, threatening Wesker, then getting his gang leader captured only to turn state's evidence on him later.  He was a weasel and pretty much had it coming to him.

But this was a good story, not as wildly popular as Wesker's Conquest, but then again that had sex scenes in it, so people tend to gravitate to smut more than non-smutty things.  But I do love this story, it's one of my favorite fanfictions, I've written and it makes me want to write more, but for now, I am going back hiatus with my writing.  I need to focus on other things.
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