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So here we are at 2013

I still say where is my teleporter and hover cars?!  But whatever.  I will live with what we have, but let the record show, that we are 13 years into the new millennium and we still don't have teleporters, hover cars, fancy flying trains, or airplanes that can get you from Europe to America in under 2 hours.

But aside from that rant, it is once again time to look back at last year and contemplate where exactly my life when wrong or whatever, so let's get this show on the road shall we.  2012 should be pretty short, because there wasn't a lot that went on.

2012 Winter (Part 1) January through March:

Personally, I liked January of last year.  I felt like I had woken up from an excessively long nightmare and I was ready to take on the world.  In January I met Jose's father, which was a little creepy, but not too terrible.  In February the only thing that happened was that stupid guy that looked like Hulk Hogan had to come and pick up the other deep freezer.  Ugh...  I still don't know how you don't understand what the word thoroughfare means, but whatever.  In March I had to deal with hearing stupid stuff from Brendan, which I still don't understand that whole thing but oh well.  Also in March Silent Hill Downpour came out.  I still say it was better than the Truck Dude story, but otherwise it was just ok.  Worth Youtubing, but not buying.

2012 Spring April through June:

In April I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.  I decided to volunteer at the VA, which died just as quickly as I made the decision.  I can't tell you why I stopped doing it.  Probably because while everyone was mega appreciative, it was very depressing at the same time.  Also in April Jose and I went to see Rammstein.  I swear going to see them is so wonderful and I am probably going to cry like a baby when they finally wrap it up.  But the Rammstein concert was great and I hope they do one last tour.  In May I got my learner's permit and driving has been scary and fun.  As I've stated several times, I would love driving if I was the only person on the road.  In June the kids went off to Camp Attitude Adjustment, so it was pretty quiet in June.  Also in June, I found out what a Business Analyst does and decided to peruse that as my career.  Oh and I nearly forgot about going to Metrocon.  That was a blast this past year.  It was one of those cons where I didn't go to anything in particular, but the people I was with made it fun.  I was glad I went even though I originally didn't want to.

2012 Summer July through September:

In July I went to visit Kawaii_neko23 in California.  It was a blast and I can't wait to go back again.  We went to Japantown and I got to see the Baby store and Daiso, the Japanese dollar store.  I love that spot, I could spend a butt load of money in their alone.  I got to eat not one but two okonomiyaki's, which were nockin'!  Plus I got to go to the Creme Brulee cart (Which they need to set up shop in my house), we went to Angelic Pretty and I was formally introduced to Chantilly a really wonderful and little known Lolita brand.  I also got to see my friend Hiroko and went to a really wonderful tea house.  Oh this was probably the best part of last year, those two weeks in San Fransisco.  Nothing really important went on in August or September.  Well, September I went on that tirade about that guy on Youtube, but eh, it wasn't anything extra special about August or September.

2012 Fall and Winter (Part 2) October through December:

In October...  Well in October, I went nuts over Resident Evil again and it wasn't that I was overjoyed with RE6, it was a little better than I thought it would be...  Well Leon and Jake's game were; Chris's game was just a hot mess.  But it really felt good to go back to writing fanfiction again, I haven't written in years.  And my fanfiction has been quite popular and I couldn't be more proud of that.  But while my fanfiction has taken off like a rocket I had completely stalled on my Business Anaylst stuff and has been that way for awhile.  However, I did decide to go for the Secretary position they had available on their Board of Directors in the West Central International Business Analyst group.  I went for it and now I'm just waiting for them to have formal nominations later on this year.  November I went back to Philly for my two week stint and I met up with some friends and of course had some delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  I still say being home was strange, but maybe it's because I've been away for so long.  And finally December, which I did my first super long distance drive, had a blast at a Christmas party thrown by one of the ladies at the Women's club, Christmas was fun, and now I'm in Colorado with Altitude Sickness.  I'll probably be hitting the oxygen spot again tomorrow.  Apparently the cabin we are staying in is about 9000 to 10,000 feet above sea level.  The town of Estes Park is a little over 7000 ft, so it's little wonder I have altitude sickness.

So all-in-all, 2012 wasn't a bad year.  I am actually a little sad that its gone, but time can on march onward.  Because I am not at 100% (I'm probably about 52% myself right now) I can't give a prediction for this year.  I would like to get my Secretary position with the West Central IIBA bunch, so I can slide that gem on my resume.  By my birthday I want to get my full driver's license.  Minus the parallel parking piece, I think I am ready to take the test.  I just hope I can pass it.  Also I would really love it if I could start working, cause this is getting to be a tad much.  But I am making connections and strides and I have a feeling something really good is going to happen within the first three months of this year, so we'll see what's going on.

But what you all really came here for, my choice for Song of the year.  Well, this year, there wasn't a whole lot for me music wise and I think this is the first time ever where I said what the song of the year was going to be in January and by this January it is still the winning song.  So this year's song of the year choice goes along with my 2012 reoccurring theme of "Everything old is new again".  I fell back in love with Wesker this past year, last month I watched Return to Oz and fell back in love with that movie, so it's only fitting that Mozart gets song of the year this year, because I fell majorly back in love with him too back in January.  So 2012's song of the year is Mozart's String Quintet No. 4 in G Minor K. 516 1st Movement.

So bring it on 2013, I am ready for you and I won't let anything get in my way!
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