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Uh... Ewww...

I guess the new Devil May Oink came out this week and ewww...  What the hell is that supposed to be about?!  So far I'm 8 minutes and some change in on watching someone play on Youtube and I already want my money back.  Actually I wanted my money back in the first five minutes.  But in watching the very first fight scene, it looks like they yoinked some stuff from Bayonetta. The thing how he's inbetween the normal world and the demon world and people can't see him when he's there.  The soundtrack thus far is still clinging to the Devil May Oink 3 model of using rock music, which would be fine is it was good like the DMO3 soundtrack.  This is like some bad rock/dubstep stuff and they need to stop.  I didn't even know you could make rock into dubstep, but whatever, it's a mess and they need to stop!

Five minutes later...

Ugh...  Don't get me wrong, Devil May Oink was always one of those games that I really liked and for a time it was one of those games I HAD to get when it first came out, but ever since the 4th game it's been kinda loosing momentum in my heart and after watching now 13 minutes of it, I'm just like, "EWWWWW!!!!" 

The graphics, which I'm not sure if its because I'm not watching an HD version or what, but the graphics are horrible; the music...  Come on now!  It's like we've done this before and it's really starting to get tiresome, not to mention sounding like a rock compilation cd put together by a disgruntled 14 year old with ADHD.  So far the plot is looking really thin and I have a feeling the guy that supposed to be the leader of that Anonymous type group, is probably Virgil looking for a way to stop the main bad guy.  Oh this is a mess!  Oh I want my money back and I'm watching this trash for...   Cheap...  

I understand that Crapcom was looking to change the Devil May Oink franchise, but this really isn't looking like something I want to play and it's certainly not changing my mind about this new game.  Crapcom needs to stop and Ninja Theory needs to be beaten with several very large oars for bringing something like this out.  And yet again, poor Shinji is sitting somewhere shaking his head and groaning in disgust and with good reason too cause this is a mess.

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