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Oh Applebees....

Normally I don't follow internet controversies.  I think they just bore me to death, so I'd rather not bother with them, but it's only because Crapplebee's and I have had our issues (with my biggest complain being that their food is imaginary) that I continue to follow the receipt debacle.  Pretty much this speaks to a lot of my different personalities.  The Sarcastic 90's Kid in me is amused that a pastor, a so-called person of the cloth was called out for being a cheap ass!  Really her statement is pretty stupid, that she "give's 10% to God"?!  Uh...  I'm not religious or anything, but as a "Pastor", don't you think you should be giving a little more than "10%" to God?  Shouldn't it be more like...  At a low like 30%, you think...  No...  Well, ok.  Pretty slack ass for a pastor, I'm just saying. 

Not to quote Bridezillas, but I think it really fits here, "I've got something to say!  Our pastor is a damn slack ass mother fu*@ker!" -Deb

But anyway, the sarcastic 90's Kid in me is amused about someone who is supposed to supporting her community came out as a cheap skate.  I've known a lot of people who were waitstaff and survive on their tips.  When you work for tips you ARE NOT paid at minimum wage.  It's usually less.  A LOT less!  The tips are supposed to make up for that.  As an ambassador of the creator of the universe aren't you supposed to be compassionate, the least you can do is leave an appropriate tip.

Then there's the activist side of me who feels really bad for the waitress, who pretty much was justified in feeling slighted and pretty much had the next to the last laugh.  But then here comes the Business Major side of me and she's all like, "Well, Crapplebee's is justified in firing her if she violated whatever privacy rules".  Yeah HR Law rears it's ugly head.  But before people come a-curing me out, there is one more side and that's my schadenfreude side that's amused that this is happening to Crapplebee's; because as stated at the beginning of this entry, their food is a farce and I really didn't like Applebee's from the door...!

But, really, this is a story with no winners.  A girl is out of a job and will be hard pressed not to get another until this whole thing blows over.  A pastor lost credibility and the restaurant in question is dealing with a firestorm of controversy and not really handling the situation well.  Stuff about copy/pasting and tagging people who are leaving them mean messages on Facebook just to argue with them.  And all around 3 in the morning too...  It's just weird and pretty juvenile (However it does prove my long standing point that adults are just taller children), especially for an organization.  

Speaking as a Business Major graduate, they need to cut out the damage control and start to mend fences.  They also need to pull whoever is doing their social networking off for a few days and have their PR department take over and start schmoozing as much as they can, cause this situation is getting rather critical.

As for all of my sides, none of them will be eating at Crapplebee's, just as I have not for the last two years.  And from the looks of things, I really haven't missed anything.  I haven't missed anything good anyway.

Edit- Well something good out of this situation, I finally got to use my Wesker Shun icon.
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