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"Are you the last black man in town?"

I was on Youtube just kinda hanging out, when I saw someone had posted the "Eliza Walker" Resident Evil 2 game.

For those of you who don't know or remember, back in 1997 when Shinji was still working for Crapcom and working the sequel for Res 2, there was a female character who was going to be the lead.  But about half way through the development of the game, Shinji and his team scrapped most of the game and scrapped poor Miss Eliza Walker too.  That's why we have Claire instead of her.  The rationale behind this was something about Shinji wasn't satisfied with the overall look of many of the parts of the game and also it felt a little...  I guess cliche to him.

So enter today and my Youtube run...  I guess Crapcom after all these years decided to release the unfinished product of what is called Resident Evil 2 1.5 and from what I saw, I can kinda understand why Shinji decided to scrap it, because it does look a little bit messy graphics wise.  And yes, I am aware that video games then weren't as polished as they are now, but even by the PS1's capability at that time and 1997 standards, the game still looked messy.  The backgrounds were either blue, practically colorless, or just dingy looking.  Plus it seemed...  I don't know if "blocky" is a word, but it seemed really "blocky" in a few places, like some of the police station and a lot by the time you got to the Umbrella labs.

But there were some things I really really liked which I wished they would have kept.  RPD HQ was a lot more expansive in this version.  You had the shooting range, the place where the police cars got fixed, Chief Irons office was much bigger and a bit nicer.  Plus I think the Chief was a nice guy and not some sleazy rape artist dude getting kickbacks from Umbrella.  Another thing I liked was the path to the Umbrella labs was so different.  That area, while very blocky too, was still kinda cool.  I also like you can hear Birkin talking and saying "Sherry", which they didn't add in the finished version of RE2.

Plus that "Fat Tony's" gun shop dude was with Eliza the whole time and didn't get eaten at the gun shop.  The soundtrack is different too.  There are some new tracks that we didn't get in the finished game and some that appear later in the finished game, but crop up in this version far sooner.  At "the end" of the game, "the last black man in town" is on the train with the gun shop guy, Sherry, and Eliza.  I can't but help wonder what the plot to all of that was and how it would have fit in with the current storyline of Resident Evil?  But alas we will never know.  Oh well...!

Here is the walkthrough I watched.  Please note that this game is buggy as hell and the creator of the video keeps adding songs at random times.  While it was funny the first couple of times, after awhile it's kinda annoying.


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Mar. 3rd, 2013 09:46 pm (UTC)
That was actually kind of cool, wish crapcom would just remake it with the exact same plot because it would probably be a better story than there current games.
Mar. 3rd, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
I wish they would too, but with Shinji gone and all of the old Resident Evil team gone from Crapcom too, that series will continue to be in the swamp with the rest of the CHUD games.
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