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I don't know y'all... Phantom Pain??? Really?!

Let me take you back...

To five o'clock...?

You know what?!  If this were 2006 that joke would actually be relevant and funny, but it's not so let's let it go.

But let me take you back to 2006 actually.  A time when I was so feverishly insane for all things Metal Gear.  I was eagerly anticipating the release of MGS4 and in my eyes the Metal Gear series could do no wrong.  I loved Snake to death and I happily trotted off with him into a bright gleaming sunset after dumping my poor ex-husband Wesker off to the side.  When MGS4 came out two years later, I was so rabid for it that despite not even owning a PS3, I purchased it.  And I purchased the limited addition one too!  But since I couldn't play it, I went and downloaded someone's walkthrough of it and watched it.  And with that, my disgust and disdain for my once beloved series began.

Over the years since then I have tried very hard to find some redeeming quality in MGS4 and much like every time I watch some horrible movie called Hustler White, every subsequent time I watch MGS4 it makes me more and more angry.  The last time I watched it, I damn near threw the disks out the window.  And since then, the more I think about Metal Gear the more disgusted I get.  Plus with MGRR (which coincidentally is the sound I make when I think about Revengence) I'm pretty much at "stick a fork in me, done" status.  I tried to give that some play, but Raiden is too much of a cheese ball.  And Quinton Flynn is too zany to be doing Raiden's voice!  But anyway...

Last night on my Facebook, I see something on the David Hayter page, something to the effect that Mr. Hayter thanks you for his support for him not being involved in the next Metal Gear game.  I was thinking to myself, we'll it seems like it's going to be all Raiden from now on, so I'm not surprised.  So I ignored that statement and continued on my merry way.  So now enter about a half an hour ago.  I'm on my Youtube and some guy who I watch all his game walkthroughs; I watched his Resident Evil 6 one, his Dead Space 3 one, and the first and last parts of MGRR (cause that's all of it I could stand to watch without barfing all over the house).  I think I watched his Silent Hill Downpour one too, but I don't remember.

Either way, I saw that he had up the demo for MGS5 (barely alive) and I was like, "what?!  What is this!?"  So immediately went and looked for a trailer or any information on MGS5 and I found the trailer, which is really weird.  Something about "Snake" or  should I say, some guy who looks like Snake (not Solid Snake but Papa Snake)...  I don't know who he is, so let's call this guy "Lizard" wakes up from a 9 year coma but inter-spliced in this coma deal, all this other stuff is happening.  "Lizard" is riding on horses.  Tearing off his Fox patch from his sneaking suit.  Fighting flaming unicorns.  Yeah, you read that correctly, flaming unicorns!  What flaming unicorns have to do with anything I have no idea, but it's really weird and I'm kind of like, I really don't know about this y'all?  I'll try to give it some play, but so far I'm not overawed by it.  I'm really like what the shit, but whatever...  It's still in development and I can't even fathom what the duce it's trying to do just by looking at the trailer or demo alone.

Well anyway, here is both the trailer and the demo and maybe you guy can make more sense of out it than I could.  Side note to all this, I did like the song they used for the trailer.  That seems to be the best and most understandable part of all this so far.

The trailer:

The demo:

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