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I know I'm out now!

This is not, I repeat NOT an April Fool's day joke.  It is a rather sad commentary on how this bit of information has truly put the stake though the heart of my now completely dead Metal Gear fandom.

But apparently someone thought it would be so totally awesome if David Hayter didn't do the voice of "Snake" in the next Metal Gear game.  What the shit?!  Whoever made that executive decision should be dragged by their testicles (or ovaries as the case may be) into the middle of the street and beaten repeatedly with the biggest and heaviest oar you can find.  I have no idea what they are calling themselves trying to do, but, yo...  You just totally fucked over your English speaking fanbase and I wonder how that will play out, cause with no David Hayter, I probably won't even Youtube it let alone buy it.

Well, welcome Metal Gear to that place where Resident Evil was and I say was, because I kinda liked RE6, despite it's problems.  Unless you start trying to find a way to redeem yourself like RE did (which was to add Jake even though I don't love him like I do Wesker), you are not in a really good spot with me.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, fail, metal gear solid series, really?!, video games

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