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Sometimes the Way Back Machine goes too far...

I was hit with a sudden burst of nostalgia this morning (probably because of that 80's documentary I watched last night on NatGeo) and I started thinking about all the cartoon theme songs of my childhood.  The Get Along Gang popped in there (grant it I've been thinking that one for about three weeks now, but still), The Go Bots theme song was going around in my mind and then I toddled off to Youtube to listen to them (cause you can find anything on Youtube) and that's when I saw it.  The opening theme song to Beverly Hills Teens.  OH SNAP!!!

Yo, I haven't thought about that cartoon since, like, 1988...!  I completely forgot it existed until I saw that theme song listed up there.

If you were a little girl born between I'd say 1977 to probably about 1981, you know full well that after school (cause Beverly Hills Teens wasn't a Saturday morning cartoon, it was a weekday one) you practically ran home to watch Beverly Hills Teens.  Girls in the quote unquote "hood" were hauling butt to get home and watch that show.  And don't act like you weren't, cause you know you were!

I can't remember when exactly it came on or what channel it came on...  I want to say in Philly it came on around 3:30 on then Philly 57 or maybe channel 17 one of those two.  I also can't remember if it had toys to go along with the show.  Back then most shows had an accompanying toy.  The Popples had a show and toy, Jem was a mainstay with a toy and a show, Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony, the Care Bears, Pound Puppies was another one.  Pretty much if you had a show, chances were you probably had 40 different products to go along with it, but anyway....

When I think about it, I think Beverly Hills Teens came on after Heathcliff, so it had to be on Philly 57.  Oh man...  I swear....

Anyway, my mind was completely blasted and I STILL remember part of the theme song and I was singing to it...   Mmm...  Damn...  Ok Way-Back Machine, you got me this time...  I'm just going to skulk off to my dentist now cause I don't have anything else to say.

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