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Well I'm baffled....


Ok, about two weeks ago I was on Youtube and one of the people that I like, Chonny did a "Draw My Life" episode.  I thought it was really cute then I saw that Jenna Marbles had done one and so did Laci Green, so I started to want to do one too, because I thought it would be a really cute thing to do.  But my problem is, when I finally get around to doing it, I don't want it to go on Youtube, but where could I post it.  Then I remembered Vimeo!  Yes, that would be the prefect solution.  Well it was the perfect solution, until it turned into smut city!

Yo, I went to their "Blog" section and I was immediately greeted by three sets of unclothed breasts on the first page.  Don't get me wrong I love gratuitous nudity as much as the next person, but only when I asking for it, not when I'm trying to do something completely innocent.  And since when has Vimeo started working the amateur porn circuit?  I thought Vimeo was for artsy videos and unique, half experimental student movies that weren't otherwise allowed on Youtube, because they straddled the line between avant garde and overly surrealistic, not amateur pole dancer night at the strip club.

Oh well, I guess I'm going to have to table my "Draw My Life" until I can find some place suitable to post it.  But I know one thing, Vimeo is completely out!

Edit- Dude....?!  I just clicked on one video and not only was some girl butt in my face but so were her lady parts.  YO!?!?!?  Why am I seeing some girl's beaver and I'm not on any of my regular hentai/ porn sites?!  There is no reason for that.  Ugh...  Vimeo...  I...  Mmmm...  I truly have no rap for you now.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, come on now?!, fail, really?!

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