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Oooooh some promised hotness!

So I was on Youtube, just kinda bored and looking at some random things, which took me on a sidequest.  How it started was, I was watching Wesker's 12 Days of Christmas on D.C. Douglas's page, which when that ended gave me a selection for some animated sketch called Biohazardous, so I started to watch them (There are three of them and they are based on the original Resident Evil) and they were funny.  However, in episode 2, there is a part where Jill is looking into the camera and all this blood spattered writing is on the wall.  One of the things written was "I miss Shinji" (It's right by the window)...

Surly Jill

But I feel the same way, I miss Shinji too.  So enter the next sidequest, what is Shinji up to these days?  When last I looked, he had left Platinum Games (thankfully before they sold their soul to f-in' Hideo Blowjima and that awful MGRR claptrap) and started Tango Gameworks.  But apparently, Tango Gameworks is in the process of creating a new Survival Horror game called The Evil Within or Psychobreak as it will be called in Japan!

It's promising to be a true survival horror game, not this let's shoot fake zombies that run at you with machine guns, thus turning the game from Survival Horror to Action Horror.

Side Note:  Back in the day Resident Evil wasn't about shootin' stuff.  It was about an oppressive and claustrophobic atmosphere, the fear of being completely alone (or somewhat alone in Jill's game especially), and surviving a scenario the best you could.  Not arming yourself to the teeth with fully automatic weapons and blowing up stuff.

But anyway, it looks like Shinji, the father of the Survival Horror genera is hoping to bring Survival Horror back to its roots, before the US game development market came through and pretty much destroyed the genera with their very loose interpretation of Survival Horror.  From the way The Evil Within sounds, it sounds like classic Resident Evil mixed with some elements from classic Silent Hill.  Perhaps a more surreal version of Shadow of the Damned (if that is even possible, cause that game was pretty surrealistic), but maybe without the wacky comedic elements.

Either way, I am sure this game will be hot!  I tend not to be disappointed with games that Shinji makes, so I really can't wait until it comes out.

But here's the official teaser trailer (very J-horror-esque):

Here is some dude's preliminary analysis of it:


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