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I'm still skeptical y'all...

This whole MGS5 situation is starting to get out of hand and I still don't know y'all...  Until I hear something concrete and not some random it might be David Hayter, but then again it might not be or whatever, I really don't wanna hear it.  As far as I'm concerned these cheesy gimmicks are not going to draw me into their endless void of claptrap and pointless drama.

But here is the long and short of the new thing going around now.  Something about there is this video with a dude with his face and hands all bandaged up and he's talking about how he's sorry he can't reveal himself, but he is a "famous" Hollywood actor and has done some voice over work and that he'll reveal his identity like on June 1st or something like that.  But then something about he would do it in the next three days or whatever.


You know...!?  If your franchise wasn't screwed so bad that it had to go into rape counseling maybe you wouldn't need all these gimmicks to drum up support for it.  Either way, I'm still unamused and in the immortal words of Sweet Brown, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"

I'm to annoyed to find the original video for it, but this is YougYea's analysis video:

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, blownami, come on now?!, hideo blojima, metal gear solid series, really?!, video games

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