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I want to, I just can't....

I saw that the dude that I like watching his walkthroughs on Youtube has up all of the new Resident Evil and I really did try to watch it, but I just can't stomach it.  I got through literally the first 2 minutes and 9 seconds when I put it on pause and declared "I can't take it anymore!"  It's pretty much been on pause ever since too.  I guess I'm just stuck at why is this game even in existence?!  Like....  What is this supposed to mean, seriously?!

I don't even know?

I do know that I have to wait until next year for Shinji's new game (The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku) to come out, but until then I'm just going to be stuck with the sub-par-ness that is Resident Evil whatever the crap Crapcom calls themselves bringing out.

And let the record show that this still should have been one of Crapcom's sub-par CGI movies and not a sub-par game.

P.S. I find it very ironic that I'm whining and complaining about this while working on some back Resident Evil fanfiction...  Oh well...

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