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Before I say goodnight...

I have spent the last two nights staying up past 11 watching Resident Evil games on Youtube.  Last night I watched (and made a playlist for) Biohazard 1 and tonight I watched Resident Evil 0 and Chris's cutscenes from the RE 1 remake.  Probably tomorrow I'll watch Jill and see what other Res stuff I can wet my whistle with.

Also I have a new Wesker fanfiction in the works.  I'm hoping I'll finish that soon.

P.S.  It's probably not the best idea to watch scary things before I go to bed, but what can you do?

(And Wesker will always be the man...  I just needed to add that, but I'm sure you all knew that anyway.)
Tags: albert wesker, creepy stuff, fanfiction, resident evil series, scary stuff, video games

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