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Post fangirl-esque mission debriefing, Knightrocon review, and other stuff

So I did make it to the D.C. Douglas and....  Uh...  The other guy's panel yesterday.  Actually that other guy was hilarious.  He kept making crazy jokes, so it was really a good panel.  Probably one of the better panels that I've attended of late.  But, their question and answer panel was fun, I wanted to ask a question but you know me...  I couldn't open my mouth to speak, but eh, it was all good.

I ended up blowing off the fanfiction panel to stay for the autograph session.  I haven't stood in line to get someone's autograph in about....  I don't know...?  Probably over 10 years or so, so that was a tough one to have to deal with.  But I got D.C.'s autograph and took a picture with him and probably blushed the entire time.  Thankfully no one could tell but me, but I was so very happy to have met him and I told him I couldn't wait to see him again at Metrocon.  In hindsight, that probably sounded creepy and stalker-esque...  Oh well, too late!

Now about Knightrocon...  The con in and of its self was decent con, especially for a first year con.  They had a nice variety or events, some fairly unique panel discussions and the venue was a nice venue.  They even had live music in some of the rooms on the third floor, which I didn't go to, but I did listen to this impromptu acapella group sing while I was doing yesterday's LJ entry.  That was pretty nice.  The actual physical convention I did not have a problem with.

However what I did have a problem with was the UCF campus.  That place is a horrible rat maze and whoever did the campus layout for it should be beaten with a mace, punched repeatedly in the groin, and then shot!  Most of the layout is around something called Pegasus Circle, however all the buildings around it are scattered haphazardly around, then they're building more buildings and they don't place too many maps around either, so needless to say I got lost going to the con, then when I was trying to leave I spent 35 minutes wondering around the campus trying to find where I parked Mr. Car.

A lot of confusion would have been spared if they specified on their website that the con would be held at UCF's Student Union Building, because I wasn't the only one who ended up lost.  As I was leaving, a car full of people pulled up and asked me where was the con and I told them and they asked how do we get there and I was like I don't know and some other dude who walked up on the conversation said he had to drive on the grass to get here.  So yo, they need to do A LOT better on their signage and informing people where to park.

Which brings me to unamused Aa-chan point number two, the parking situation.  I am not a student of UCF, I don't even live in Orlando how was I supposed to know where to park because when I got there around noon, some of the roads were blocked off and cops were guiding traffic because there was a graduation in ending at that time.  I had to do about three or four very random U-turns because they had some signs up for where to go, but then they just randomly stopped.  So I followed some people around for a bit and when they didn't go anywhere, I ended up going back some other way asking one of the campus cops where to go and then I parked in lot D1 which was a ways away from where the con was.  Not to brow beat a point, but BETTER SIGNAGE PLEASE!  That would really be helpful in the future, especially when you don't know or live in the area!

But if ever questioned about going back if they hold another Knightrocon...  I would only go back if they had another guest I wanted to see really super bad or if I was already in the area and needed something to do other than go to Disney, but otherwise, it's more of a small local convention.  And don't get me wrong, I like small conventions sometimes and this was one of the better small ones I've attended, but I'll probably end up holding off on another Knightrocon.  Especially if it's on UCF's campus.  OH!  All that getting lost yesterday was ridiculous!

Yesterday was a nice day.  Despite getting lost a few times going to and from the convention, almost getting into an accident on the way there, because there was a festival going on in downtown Orlando yesterday and this guy who is driving in front of me is trying to find a place to park and he's 1, not using a turn signal and 2, swerving in and out of potential spots.  Then out of the clear blue he decides he's going to negotiate a 180 turn right in front of me.  No turn signal, no warning of any kind, just swerve and turn.  So I almost creamed him.  It would have been a driver side collision too.  So at this point I am screaming and cursing at the top of my lungs and he's looking at me with this "whatever, just go look".  Oh I still want to strangle that dude.

There was some other fu-snickens  going on with driving in Orlando too.  There was a lot of me wanting to beat people half to death and A LOT of cursing going on.  So needless to say I hate driving in Orlando and I want to do it as infrequently as possible.

And lastly, I got to fulfill a little fun thing I've always wanted to do last night and that was go to Disney World in Lolita.  I was still all dressed up for the con and after I left I went to pick Jose up from his friend Dave's house.  So after we left there (around 9:00 PM) Jose and I went to Disney World.  It was fun walking around all frilly and I see why other Lolitas like doing it.  I got a lot of compliment from people who worked there.  They were astonished when I told them I made the dress I had on.  All the patrons just looked at me like I was crazy, but at least some people appreciated how I looked.
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