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"Do over!"

"No do-over's!"  From Ranma 1/2 while Soun and Panda Genma are playing Go.

So I've been thinking about doing a different version of Wesker's Conquest.  What happened was shortly after I had finished Wesker's Conquest, I saw that Crapcom changed Jake's story around.  Something about the woman who gave birth to Jake was about 20 something years old and never told Wesker about being pregnant; but by that point I was done with the story and had been posting it up since the game came out, so I was pretty much locked into the story I was writing.  Plus Wesker's Conquest was very well received by the fans so I wasn't about to blow it off at that stage.

However, I have been thinking of keeping the original story up on fanfiction.net, but coming up with another story that falls more in line with Crapcom's cannon.  But I'm really torn about it for two reasons.  One because it seems like a copout to totally rewrite an entire story just to make it jive with Crapcom's story.  And two, I don't think they really knew what they wanted to do about this Jake-Wesker's love child plot from the door and I'll tell you why...

When I was initially working on Wesker's Conquest, I kept looking at Jake's bio on Resident Evil Wiki and at the time, it pretty much said that Wesker walked out on Jake and his mother.  Furthermore, there was this interview with the Executive Producer and the Director of Resident Evil 6 and the director says and I quote, "Jake never knew his father growing up.  Wesker abandoned his family."  So with that being said, why in an in-game file of all things does it say Miss Muller never told Wesker she was pregnant?  Then too, there is that letter she leaves Jake when she dies that says, "And please, don't hate your father. I'm sure he loves you and is thinking about you."  Oooookay....  So if she didn't tell him about Jake, then why would she say "I'm sure he loves you and is thinking about you"?  That doesn't sound like someone who didn't say anything about being pregnant.

Besides, it would not be totally impossible to think that Wesker would just up and dump someone off into the mist once he found out he knocked them up.  I mean come on, he sabotaged the Bravo team and shot Enrico in cold blood, lead the Alpha team into a known death trap, then went on to do all sorts of shady dealings, so really dumping a pregnant woman would pretty much fall in line with his characterization; why renege on it at the last second?  If you're afraid it is going to make him look like a complete and utter jerk, that's ok, cause he's an ultra villain, he's not supposed to have a redeeming character.  And making him 100% cold-blooded is what endears everyone (especially me) to him.

But I don't know?  My latest fanfiction endeavor is a Wesker story, but so far it's mostly about his "parents".  Yes, yes I know all about the Wesker Project and that is in there, but it's mostly about the couple who kinda sorta raised him.  Plus I still have My Disdain For You to finish, and I've started to rework the Jake story as well.  But I want to keep my focus on Wesker, because he's such a complex and interesting subject.  Plus the whole Wesker fangirl thing too, but I'll spin it as "complex and interesting subject", that sounds a bit more...  Sane... Reasonable...

But I don't know if I want to rewrite Wesker's Conquest or not.  I have a good beginning concept if I do, but I haven't decided if the cannon version of events should be told by me or not.  I have to see and I want to finish at least one of my current stories before I even make that decision.
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