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Yes I am aware that Kiefer Sutherland is going to take over David Hayter's role as Papa in MGS5.  While I know quite a few people who were still clinging to the hope that Blojima was bluffing when he said David Hayter would not be back, I pretty much figured David Hayter was out and some new dude was in and I would still be done with with the Metal Gear franchise as a whole and I was right.

Truth be told, this makes me even more pissed because he still has Akio Otsuka as Papa's voice actor in Japan, so why no change there?!

But honestly, even if David Hayter was brought into it, I knew I was still done with Metal Gear anyway.  That fourth one is such a disaster...  I can't even talk about how much I hate it with words that make logical sense...  And with Kojima and his "Oh I'm going to make the story super deep..."  Ok buddy...  You did this before, twice in fact, and it DIED!  The best thing he ever did for the Metal Gear Solid series was MGS3.  It's not going to get much better than that, because with each subsequent attempt at making something "deep" it ends up failing at life and all it's many promises.  If you have to explain that you're going to make something "deep" or whatever, that usually indicates (at least to me) you're already trying too hard and there's something not quite right.

So, I am starting right now:  I, Aa-chan pledge in full not not buy, rent, or otherwise support anymore Metal Gear series games after MGS3 ever again!  I am abdicating my thrown as Queen of all things Metal Gear and now give my full unyielding support to my favorite game creator Shinji Mikami (Who by the way has never let me down with any of the games I've played of his) and I am hopeful that The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku, will fill the game obsession void in my life or if not for anything will leave me both scared half to death and satisfied.

And let the record show, that once you start putting celebrities in games is usually when it starts going to pot.

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