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That oh so satisfying feeling...

The moment where you can put your feet up on a table, lean back in your chair, point, and go "Ha-Ha!"

Needless to say that I am very proud that Sorny brought their A game to E3 and it is looking like PS4 may be the victor of the next gen console wars.  But hey what can I say, stupid Xbox had a chance to at least address their issues and try to assuage some of the things going around the net, but they just glossed over it giving Sorny a chance to swoop in and yoink any thunder Xbox Uno may have had.  Oh well...

I have just dipped my toe into the whole "Next gen consoles" thing, but the stuff kawaii_neko23 was telling me about Xbox Uno was just like, "what"?!  Having to be online no if's and's or but's.  Not being able to play rental or used games?!  That's pretty arbitrary and mean spirited.  And burdening people with forced logins?  I don't know?  That sounds a mess.  But PS4 responded with "Oh we're not going to make you all do that" and boo-yah, it's coming out at $100 dollars less than the Unoid.  Oh well, that's the way the ball bounces in console land.

But you know who I feel really bad for in all this?  Jose.  Poor thing keeps coming up with all these, "No, it's just the policy that can change any minute."  And "What about the features?  You (meaning me) haven't given me features cause that's what gamers care about."

Uuuuhhh.....  No they don't!  So long as they can play whatever game they like, most gamers would be satisfied if it turned on and off without much trouble.  Sure added things like Nutflix or in my PS3's case, Crunchy Roll, are nice to have, but it wasn't until super recently I put either apps on my PS3 and even then I'm rarely on Crunchy Roll and every once in awhile I'll watch stuff on Nutflix.  Pretty much if I brought an Xbox Uno it would be a big black brick in a few days of ownership, because I don't play video games or even use the consoles frequently.  And if my step children get it, with the amount they get on punishment the same thing will happen to them.

But Jose is insistent that these are unfounded rumors and that it's little creature comforts gamers want.  I swear that chip they implanted into his brain must really be something hardcore if he can't relent even a tiny bit.

I watched the entire Xbox press conference (and nearly fell asleep on it until Dead Rising 3 came on) and I was honestly hoping they would address some of their issues, but NOPE, completely glossed over like it didn't exist.  That would have been the best time for them to say, "well we're working on a solution to some of the deeper concerns you have."  That would have been a class act and showed that they at least acknowledge the concerns of people; but again NOPE, let's just gloss over that.  Really after that showing, Sony could have shown a can of dog food during their press conference and still got a better reception than Xbox.

Grant it I came in on the tail end of the Sony press conference (probably about the last 15/ 20 minutes or so) and was a bit underwhelmed with the last game they showed because it is another FPS game (although I thought the guys playing it were funny), but I was amused at the slight by PS4 of the Uno when the price was announced.

This is going to be an amusing ride.  I can't wait to see who the victor will be.

But changing gears but on a related topic, what the shit is up with Spike Tv?!  They're supposed to be the "exclusive" broadcaster for E3, but their coverage of it sucks a bag of schlongs!  How are you going to boast that you're the "exclusive" broadcaster when you only broadcasted ONE press conference and a couple of interviews?!  That's not helpful!  If I wanted to watch press conferences online I would do that very thing.  Don't bait me with the promise of being able to kick back in bed or on my couch and watch all the press conferences on my television and then turn around and and only "broadcast" one press conference.  Man!  I feel ripped off!

I mean G4 wasn't much, but damn, at least when the major conferences came around they would devote all their time to it.  Not this slack ass, oh we're going to be online for most of E3 ridiculousness.  I mean gees, let's get it together people!

Wish someone would come up with a comprehensive Video Game television channel, with walkthroughs, tutorials, previews, demos, and in-depth looks at ALL video game conferences, and not puss out if they don't get the sponsorship they want.  I'd even be willing to pay a little for it per-month if the content was good.  But alas, I'm sure that day will never happen.
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