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My most random goose chase...

And unfortunately, it falls under the category of "Aa-chan's weird, creepy, and kinda sick obsession with Albert Wesker"...  But this actually leads to something stupid and fun, which is always amusing.

I don't know if you know, but my favorite of all the Wesker incarnations is the very first one.  I'm not sure if it's because he wasn't just CG rendered and a "real" person or if his random sleaziness just amused me, that was the Wesker incarnation that I fell in love with and fangirl married.  However, rarely did I give credence to the man who actually portrayed that first Albert Wesker until tonight.

I won't even regal you with what lead me on this random quest, but despite being listed in Resident Evil as "Eric", no last name, just "Eric" (That's ok, Jill's actress was "Inez" and Chris was...?  I don't know, "Biff" or something silly.  Actually I think it was "Charlie"), I found out that the real actors name is Sergio Jones.  I swear I think this is another stage name, but Sergio Jones is all I have going.

But In finding Mr. Jones's IMDB profile (which there is no picture of him posted), I see that he has done a plethora of crazy B-horror movies.  Oh I just LOVE B-horror movies!  Two of them I would love to see because they just seem absolutely hilarious.  Like Gnaw Food of the Gods 2 hilarious.  The first one, I posted up the trailer on Facebook and that's called Shadow: Dead Riot.  Think Chained Heat meets a zombie movie, with some voodoo slid in for good measure.  You can't beat comedy like that!  But Sergio Jones is playing the prison warden.  Then there is Late Fee?  Something about a couple is trying to rent the scariest horror movies for Halloween, but end up in a horrifying situation.  Not as comical as the first movie, but still amusing.  He's playing a double role of the Motel Manager and the Warden (again).

I think it's funny that his entire career has mostly been horror movies and low budget B-horror movies too.  I wonder what the fascination is?  Grant it, it can be fun and funny, but I don't know if I would build an entire career on it, but I guess if it makes you happy, then run with it!
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