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I don't think I'll ever understand....

So I was checking Facebook earlier today and there was something posted by the caretaker of the Central Florida Lolita group about how she was upset that people were bulling another member and I was really taken aback by this, because in the two years that I've been with the Cen. FL group, I have never known anyone to be backstabbing or catty.  This was the first group that I've ever been involved in that weren't all hyper elitist or anything like that and quite frankly it's been very refreshing.

However, today I guess one of the members were talked about on Behind the Bows another one of those "Lolita fucks"/ CGL/ whatever bull you wanna call it.

You know I am quite frankly sick of this crap.  Anytime someone is doing their own thing and enjoying their life, here comes someone to tear them down.  What the shit?!  I don't think as long as I live and breathe will ever understand this mentality?!  Why should you care that someone doesn't live up to your standards?!  Who died and made You Lolita God anyway?!  And quite honestly no one gives a damn about your inane standards so get over yourself!

This topic hits home for me because I found out recently that about two years ago someone posted me to CGL.  Using my "Deranged Fangirl" picture of all things.  This actually is one of my favorite pictures of myself and I have no reason to feel ashamed of that particular picture either, because it was made in fun and goes along with my "Deranged fangirl" persona.  However, whoever posted this up said that I was and I quote, "Fat, old, ugly, and mean."  Yeah and so?!  What's your point?

Yes I'm fat.  Ok, thank you for stating the glaringly obvious!  I've been aware of my weight since pretty much ever other child/ teenager/ whoever that has pointed it out since I was a kid.  So, welcome to a mean spirited comment that hasn't had any effect on me since about 1992.

Old, well I wasn't aware that being 35 or at that time 33, made me eligible for a retirement community or senior citizens discounts.  Grant it, I'm not 15 or 20-something anymore, but I am very comfortable with being an older Lolita/ otaku/ gamer/ individual or in that case being an "old" Lolita/ otaku/ gamer/ individual.  And if indeed I am old, where the hell are my senior citizens discounts and bus pass!?  I could go for those discounts right now.

Ugly?  Really?  I think I am quite beautiful, but beauty is one of those things that is an intangible quality.  Looks fade over time, but grace and intellect are enduring.  And while I may not be beautiful in that traditional sense, I find myself to be very attractive.  I find it very interesting that this person posted a non-Lolita picture and one where I looked knowingly crazy as well, to try to plead their case, which shows how desperate to prove a point they were.  But I digress...

Really out of all of that I took opposition to me being "Mean".  Grant it, I can come up with some exceeding cruel words, but I only wield my powers if I need to.  If I had to guess, this person probably caught my ire and probably had it coming to them, so this was their petty revenge.


I am immune to your petty internet bashing, grant it I am not totally immune, because admittedly I got super pissed about this but really I got over it easily; because I don't care about someone whom I've more than likely never met and if I have met them, their false friendship is something I'd rather due without.  I only like to be with people who genuinely want to be with me, not someone hanging out with me only to tear me down behind my back.  Gees if I wanted a "friend" like that I would still hang out with Kristin and be happy about it.

But let me make a blanket statement about Behind the Bows, 4chan, Lolita Fucks, CGL, or anything else like that.

I find it interesting that people who hide anonymously behind a computer screen are so quick to be nasty and judgmental of people they never met or will ever meet.  And these same cowards are so busy sitting alone huddling over their screens while others are out having fun living their lives.  My theory is they are so lonely and jealous they can't be that extroverted that they lash out with vitriol and scorn.

It's pointless to say don't go on those sites, cause people love them some drama.  But if or when it does happen to you, just know that your happiness is a source of scorn of them.  Continue to be happy and don't pay any mind to it.  The more they post about you, the more happier it should make you, because they are giving you all the attention, which really is more than anyone can ask for.  Think of it like being a celebrity, they always have people talking crap about them, but do you see them stop making movies or music?!  No, they persevere and so should you!

Internet drama like this is some of THE most pointless drama, because it's all done over a keyboard and monitors and 9 times out of 10, by people who don't know each other.  And I'm not even going to feed you the line life is too short to worry about it, because these are things people constantly worry about and they shouldn't.  If someone doesn't like you just go, "Oh well!" and keep it moving.  You know who you are inside in out, Lolita or no Lolita, cosplay or no cosplay, fandom of any sort or no fandom at all.  Regardless of how you spend your money and free time, you have people who love and care about you and overall you love and care about yourself and because of these reasons you will carry on with your head held high.

You'll always have detractors, both online and offline; but the best thing you can do about them is keep doing what you do, because it is better to be true to yourself and annoy the shit out of your detractors than it is to give up and cower in a corner (or behind a computer screen) like they do.
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