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LAMEcon review!

Well despite the tragic name (which actually spells out Library Anime Manga Enthusiasts Convention) Lamecon was actually a lot of fun.  Grant it, I didn't do a lot, but I really don't do much at anime conventions anymore anyway, because pretty much, shy of a few experiences, I've seen it and done it all.  With that being said, let me tell you about my experience with Lamecon.

I got there about a half an hour later than I wanted to.  After breakfast, I was feeling really suddenly tired so I took a quicky nap and woke up to the sound of thunder about a half hour later.

Which...  Side note...  When the thunder that woke me up crashed, it set off Jeremiah's old talking Woody doll that's sitting on my dresser (he didn't want it anymore because it scares him).  It was bad enough the thunder was really scary, but then to hear "My name's Woody..." shortly thereafter...  I nearly flipped out of bed.  I see why he didn't want that thing in his room!

But I got there about a half an hour later than I intended, I got there around 2 o'clock, the convention actually started pretty early, but I wasn't interested in going super early.  And all I had to do is sign in and off I went.

Outside of being held inside an actual library it pretty much had the same things that a regular anime con would have.  They had a panel room, a main events room, a game room, and an artist alley/ dealers room.  I went to this pretty broke so I didn't buy anything, but I did end up with four cd's, because the con gave away stuff when you signed in.  The last time I got something for just attending a convention was Otakon 98' when some dude came up and handed me a Sailor Moon wallscroll.  So that was really cool.

I did a bit of walking around when I first got there.  They had something where if you did certain events around the con, you got a little "Achievement" badge.  That was a really cute and unique idea.  Plus it made the convention a more interactive experience.  I liked it, even though I didn't participate. The dealers room/ artist alley was really nice.  One thing I saw that was cute, was some people were making little creatures out of old manga.  I don't know why I thought that was cute, but it was.  I got a lot of compliments on my costume, which made me happy.  I was going to go to a panel, but the room looked pretty packed and my dress was too big and I didn't want to climb over people, so I opted to go to main events and wait for the anime trivia thing.

For the anime trivia game you had to be on a team, so some kids sat at the table near me and I pretty much said, I'm not really good at trivia for anime, unless it's something prior to the year 2000.  But I was able to get them at least one point in the early round because they asked a Ranma 1/2 question they didn't know.  Ah, young anime fans...  But pretty much my group was eliminated in the first round.  Oh well.  After that I stuck around to see who would win and pretty much three people from group 6 won.

After that was over, I stayed for the cosplay competition.  Now, I didn't realize this, but I haven't seen a cosplay competition in about 7 to 4 years.  I don't know what kinds of skits people do anymore, because last time I sat through a cosplay competition, about 6+ groups were fruging around to Thriller, so that wasn't helping and was really why I stopped going to/ doing cosplay.  But I think that whole Thriller thing has died down and people are back to doing regular skits and some dancing skits.  I would love to see the skits at Metrocon, but I'll be working during Metrocon and probably won't be able to.

But the skits were...  Something.  There were only two that I really enjoyed, one of which was a Dr. Who skit and the other was the little girls dancing as Pokemon characters, it was really cute.  The first girl up, was from some Final Fantasy game, which her skit was a bit too long and kinda pointless, but I guess it was ok and one girl was really nervous.  She did a dance skit too.  Actually, her skit was one of the better ones.  Most of the people didn't show up, which that hasn't changed and I don't know who won, because they started playing Gangnam Style and when they broke that out, I was pretty much like, "Check please!"  And went back home.

Ok, so driving in a hoop skit was really new!  Cramming myself into the car in that Suiseiseki costume was infinitely more insane than I originally bargained for.  Grant it the hoop is flexible, but I really didn't feel good about driving all shoehorned in the car like that and I don't think I'll ever drive in a hoop skirt again.  It's a little too weird and there is no real way to get comfortable, plus it interferes with either my steering, properly working the gas and break pedals, or going from park, to reverse, to drive.  Never again!

But overall, I had an excellent time at LAMEcon.  I would most definitely go back next year and probably partake in the little "Achievements" thing if they have it.  If you are ever in Florida and around the otherwise boring Land O' Lakes area, then hit LAMEcon.  It's really fun.

P.S. And check out my super pretty picture from the con.  I have to admit, this is probably the prettiest picture I've ever taken of myself.

Pretty Me
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