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"No! This cannot be! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

That quote came from Castlevania Symphony of the Night when you kill Dracula in the very beginning when you're playing as Richter.

But the reason why that quote is there is because I just got some mind blasting news that has really shaken me to my core.  So I got my crown put on my tooth today and the lady who is the dental technician there, we're really friendly and when I come in, we talk for a pretty good amount of time.  And today we were talking about her children and she started telling me about  all the foo-snickens that goes on with the children around here.  She has two I think who are in high school and one who's in elementary school.  And she was telling me that the girls around here pretty much start putting out really young.  I asked her how young and she told me it starts in 6th grade and for the girls it starts with oral sex, because it's not considered "sex".  Yo, "SEX" is in the title, oral sex.  You're not giving them an "oral exam" or taking them to "Oral Robert's University", you are having '"SEX" with them.

What the shit?!  6th grade are you f-in' kidding me?!  William is going into the 6th grade this August and that boy isn't even CLOSE to being ready for shit like that.  He's completely mentally and emotionally immature, has a very poor and rather warped understanding of sex, sexuality, and/ or the nature of relationships...  Then on top of all of that, he has a very delicate ego, which from what I understand of these little fast girlies around here, is probably going to crush him completely, so this is not going to be nice at all and I'll have to try to pick up the pieces of this.

I still can't believe this crap starts in 6th f'ing grade!  In sixth grade you should just be content that someone "likes" you at that age, not handing out blow jobs like it's nothing!  Damn...

I thought it was like my generation.  You pretty much did your feeling up stuff in middle school and then by high school you fell off the virginity wagon.  People were fine with that, but SIXTH GRADE!  Holy shit...  That's so messed up, I can't even wrap my head around it.  And this also means I don't even have a full year to prepare myself for the foo-snickens that's going to occur in a little more than two months from now.  I thought I would at least have to wait for the BIG sex talk until the summer of his going into ninth grade, but the summer before sixth grade starts?!  Oh my God...

What is going on with us a society when 11 and 12 year olds are starting to experiment with sex.  Dude, at 11 and 12, I was still playing with my Barbie dolls or stuffed animals and was pretty much content with that.  Boys weren't a factor until probably about the middle of 8th grade and even then they weren't that much of a factor.  Grant it, I fell off the aforementioned wagon bit early myself, but even then I was actually still playing with my toys and happy.  In hindsight, I don't think I was ever "boy crazy"; I was always like, "Oh, you like me...?  You wanna go out?!  Sure."  I never was all starry eyed over boys and I most certainly wasn't handing out bj's like they were Jolly Ranchers at Halloween.

And I'm sure with the oral sex, no one is using protection of any kind and that's really scary.  You can still contract diseases when you have oral sex.  Herpes, HIV, and that super clap that's going around (and is super hard to treat)...  All those things can happen if you're sexually irresponsible.  Oh good lord...

This is really scary and horrible to think that kids that young are doing these things.  I think it's time that educators stop giving that abstinence only/ wait until you're married crap and have a true and honest dialogue with young people about sex and sexuality, because that is truly messed up that kids are experimenting like this and have NO idea what they're getting into.

P.S. This whole topic reminds me of some old rap I use to hear when I was a kid.  I thought it was called Wasted, but apparently it is called Wasted Pussy.  But check it out and think about all these young girls out here doing this stuff to keep their boyfriends happy or whatever the case may be.  I think it's really appropriate:

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