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Writing for Wesker...

It's been awhile since I actually finished a Resident Evil fanfiction.  The last completed story I did was The Test, back in January.  But since then, I have about thirteen Resident Evil stories left unfinished and of those 13, eleven are stories either feature Wesker or have Wesker heavily involved with the story; the other stories are You Are Cordially Invited and an untitled Jake story.

See I get these marvelous ideas and start them, but can't figure out what would be an appropriate ending for them.  One that I started recently that doesn't even have a title, involves Wesker right before joining the RPD has to undergo an in-depth psychological evaluation.  He had been trying to avoid taking the psychological evaluation, because in the past he had displayed tendencies toward narcissism and anti-social behavior, so the woman who raised him was a neuroscientist and taught him how to properly answer psychological tests, but this doctor could see through that.  I sorta have an ending for that one, but not really.

Then there is another story currently called Commencement (I'm probably going to change the title later on), but that story is about a 17 year old Wesker having just graduated from college is visiting his "parents" before going to the Umbrella Executive Training Facility.  I get into his "parents" lives and the guilt his "father" feels for dragging him through all of that stuff.  There is also a sub-plot involving Wesker having gotten one of his parents cleaning ladies pregnant, but his "mother" convinces the young woman to have an abortion.  That story is kinda all over the place, but it has some really good elements, but again, no ending.  Well that's not entirely true, I have an ending, but it's kinda anti-climatic.

I have a new new story I started writing about two weeks ago, currently called Post Mortem Examination and that takes place right after the Arklay Mansion incident.  Wesker, newly undead, goes to a physician to find out the nature of his new found power and strength, but I'm not that far into that story, only two or three paragraphs in and that's not even close to having an ending.

Then there is still 38 and Counting, A Rite of Passage, My Disdain For You, and about three or four S.T.A.R.S. Anthology stories on the back burner.  One of those S.T.A.R.S. Anthology stories is a highly erotic story I was supposed to write for D.C. Douglas's Erotic Fanfiction Panel, but the smut in it was going a bridge too far for me and I wasn't even that far in the story, that's what's really crazy.  The gist of the story is, Jill was late for work at S.T.A.R.S. and Wesker makes her take off her clothes in front of everyone.  Then she proceeds to have a three way with Wesker, Chris, and Joseph while Brad watched; Barry was on vacation so he missed out), but the ending was kinda funny, as per all those S.T.A.R.S. Anthology stories are written in a comedic vein, but if I start off blushing in the first paragraph, that's not a good sign.  So I don't know if I can finish that one at all.

Apart from that, some of the problem is I have with writing is I have to throw myself into a really kinda weird space to write a Wesker story.  In order to write something featuring him, I have to be completely detached and that's not easy given the kind of rabid Wesker fangirl I am.  His characterization demands him to be calm, controlled, cool, and collected, everything that I am not.  In addition to this he has to be manipulative, cunning, underhanded, and just straight up evil, also something I am not.  So it's kinda hard writing for a character that you love, but is also so evil too.  I try really hard not to make Wesker sympathetic if I can avoid it, because he's a villain and not just any ordinary villain, he is a super evil douche bag villain.

But I would like to finish these stories and post up something new for Fanfiction.net.  I just have to have the proper motivation, which I am SERIOUSLY lacking right now.

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