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Not even on my most desperate day!

I was looking at Indeed for a job (ya know, cause it's been two years since I graduated/ moved here and still haven't found gainful employment here in Tampa) when I see that the top of the page "Management Trainee/ Associate Leadership Development Program" at of all places Bayada.


I'd rather be a meth addicted truck stop prostitute other than work for those assholes again!  Especially after the way they treated/ fired my mother and my aunt, which I believe in my heart of hearts was retaliation for demonizing their organization via this very Livejournal.  However, what I said about them was true and as previously stated their organization was an unmitigated disaster.  Beneath the bright and wholesome statements of "oh we want to help people", I had seen some pretty shifty things go on there and when I had gone to school and took all those ethical business courses that was when I realized just how screwed over they really were.

But what do I expect?  As I learned in school, ethics is something that goes from the top of the organizational chain down; and if the fearless leader isn't ethical then how can you expect others in the organization to be?  As I love to chant, Top down!  Top Down!!!  Sigh...

After seeing that ad up, I went back and unlocked all my old posts from that time.  When I made my LJ Friends Only that took those out of commission, but they're back for public scrutiny and no I don't feel strange about posting them up.  I want to leave them public because it should be understood that when an employee goes to work everyday and does what they are supposed to do in the manner they are supposed to do their job, they shouldn't be gossiped about or bullied.  Or placed on probation for bull shit reasons that have nothing to do with their work or their abilities (or lack thereof).  My treatment there was deplorable and while I may not be working and may be a little on the indigent side right now, I am very happy I am NOT working there.

Read all about it here at my "Work Rant" tag.


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Jul. 15th, 2013 08:50 pm (UTC)
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