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I have an idea...

It's an idea for a fanfiction, but not a Resident Evil or Metal Gear story, it's actually about Mozart.  The idea sorta crept into my head this past Sunday and I've been on the fence about writing it.  I don't think I can post it to Fanfiction.net, because it's not about a movie, tv show, game, manga, or anime, but I still want to write it despite not being able to post it anywhere.

But the story is about something I read a little while ago, where Constanze ran away from home one day to be with Mozart.  I don't know if that was true or not, but it would make for an interesting story and I want to write it.  But first, I'm nearly done with Resignation (my latest Resident Evil/ Wesker fic) and if I can get that wrapped up, then I'll start the Mozart story.

In other wedding news and really quickly since I'm about to fall back to sleep.  I heard from the other people and as expected the price was way over what we wanted to spend and they didn't even recommend the place I wanted.  So, I have conceded and more than likely we will be getting married in Tampa.  We're looking into the Hyatt Grand (which we go physically see tomorrow afternoon), the Westin Tampa Bay, and University of Tampa, whom I have yet to hear from at all.

There are a few bonuses about getting married in Tampa that I hadn't considered.  One, being close to home, if there is anything I need I can just drive back to the house to get it.  Two when people come into the airport, we can have the sign on the board that welcomes guests to our wedding, which is cute.  And third, I still fully intend to have an adult only reception, so we are planning on hiring a babysitter for that night and sending the boys back home with the sitter after the ceremony is done.  But I am starting to get excited for us to get married and I'm still hoping the wedding will be great.

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