aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

Psycho Breaku update!

Yes I know I've been plastering this all over my Facebook today, but I was so excited to see a brand spanking new demo for The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku, oh this is promising to be really good and scary.

Oh and kawaii_neko23, I take it back you don't have to play Silent Hill 2.  Just play this and we'll call it even, cause I am going to buy it, I just can't play it.

But anyway, I happened to catch the demo being played live earlier this afternoon and it had me screaming the entire time.

Enjoy and watch with the light on or off if you're that manly.  Oh and the actual game starts at 8 minutes and 30 seconds in.

Tags: evil within-psycho breaku, scary stuff, shinji mikami stuff, video games

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