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"You know what you are Hi?"

"You are a recidivist.  A repeat offender." - From Raising Arizona.

It's true, I am a "Repeat Offender", but I can't help it!  When I become obsessed with a song I have to keep listening to it on repeat until everyone around me is either half crazy or completely crazy.  But I have fallen deeply in love with this song Trouble and I have had it on repeat most of the day today.  It had on repeat while I was driving, which was nuts considering I had the windows down and was half blasting it as I drove down the road.  I have it on repeat right now, but I have my ear buds in (the laptop Jose is letting me use doesn't have the best speakers unlike poor Yoshihiro) so it's not bothering anyone.

Oh I love this song and the video for it is so risque, but that makes me love it that much more.  I don't know, it's going to be a close call for Song of the Year this year, but right now I'm leaning towards this cause it's just so amazing!

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