aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

What the hell did I just play?

Before I begin tonight's rant, why did PlayStation change around their store interface.  The demos are no longer "free" but you can find the "Free to Play" list in a different section.  It took a little bit for me to figure out, plus sometimes the demo/ free game are in the paid games sections.  I see what they were trying to do, but I don't know, it's really kinda disorganized.  But whatever....

So what is Blownami trying to do to the Castlevania series?!  I mean I expect flaming story disasters from Crapcom, actually it's pretty much a given when it comes to Crapcom, but usually Blownami is a bit more consistent with their stories, but I can't lie as soon as former producer and gross looking facial hair aficionado Kuji Igarashi came in and just arbitrarily decided that he didn't like the whole Sonya story, so he was going to snip her out of the storyline all together.  From there the Castlevania story went to hell in a hand basket from there.

Let's fast-forward to tonight and me downloading Castlevania Lords of Shadows Mirror of Fate.  I was all semi-excited.  Semi-excited because I have such a love hate relationship with this game.  I am completely still stuck on the FIRST level, because I can't successfully work a damn Quicktime event to get through the first boss and my brother goes on to inform me that that bozo comes back later on.  I guess it doesn't matter because I still can't beat him and I recently tried for an hour a few months ago and I vowed to NEVER play LOS ever again.  But of what I did play of Lord's of Shadow I did really enjoy.

So with that said, while I was a little excited to play Mirror of Fate, I was kinda really on the fence about and with good reason.  Apparently Blownami is trying to "revamp" (no pun intended) the series by screwing up the storyline.  Basically Gabriel is Trevor's father, but because he was going to turn into Dracula his mother had to take him away and have him be raised by the Light Warriors or whatever.  So Trevor grew up and married Sypha, and they had a child who was Simon (WHAT?!) and both Trevor and Sypha were killed by some monster (WHAT?!), and Simon, who is a red-head all of a sudden now, was told to run away.  So he grows up and I guess goes after Dracula who is his great-grandfather.

Why?!  Why did they decide to screw over this series.  In what universe is Trevor or Sypha killed by a monster?!  What happened to Christopher Belmont, who was Trevor's actual son?  And it was Mathias Cronqvist, who was Leon Belmont's best friend, that was supposed to become Dracula later on.  What the crap happened to Leon and that whole storyline?!  Scrapped for this tripe?!  Oh get wit me!

Ugh, I don't know...?  Once they start screwing around with the story it's pretty much down the drain from there.  I may have to abandon the Castlevania series cause this new story is just a mess.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, blownami, castlevania series, come on now?!, really?!, video games

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