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Why so judgie...?

I don't know why I do this to myself really, because I know what's going to happen.  I read something that aggravates me to no end and then stew about it.  90% of the time I just have my little verbal outburst and then resume life as normal.  5% of the time I just write it off and the other 5%, like right now, ends up going on LJ.  What has me annoyed now?  This chick and her whining about how her Facebook got shut down and the overall "Fatties" vs. "Healthy" people debate.

Obesity is an issue!  Obesity is an issue!  First and foremost it's only an issue if it DIRECTLY effects you!  If it doesn't sit the hell down and shut the f@#k up!

Gees Louise!  I hear all these so-called "Healthy" people ramble on and on about how they're worried about the "Fatties" of the world.  Let's be real, you could give a rats hind quarters less about me or my health!  Let's just throw that on the table.  People like me only bothers health nut people because they love to look down on others.  "Oh I spend 40 hours a week at the gym meanwhile you're fat, you're going to be very sick and die because of your fatness someday."  "You should really try to be like me, which is super mega healthy."

As I have pointed out on many many occasions, I had dated a very sexy dude who was buff and so-called "healthy", but had the WORST cholesterol numbers in history, but then again the dude use to eat two cheesesteaks and a whole large pizza nearly everyday.  Yet because he's skinny, he's supposed to be "healthy" and I'm not?  Right...  Body size is no indicator of overall health.  I'm a "fat girl" and much to every doctor I have been to surprise, all my numbers are in "healthy" range.  I can take in 98% of oxygen and don't suffer from sleep apnea.  My cholesterol is low, my blood sugars are healthy and aren't anywhere near Pre-diabetic ranges; and before I had life to stress me out, my blood pressure was extremely normal.  And even now, it's only something I was told to "keep an eye on" and not enough to put me on blood pressure meds.

There have been plenty of so-called "Healthy" people to keel over and die of a heart attack.  Just as there are skinny people who suffer with diabetes.  Why are you naturally assuming that just because I'm "fat" that I'm massively unhealthy too?  What give you the right to be so judgmental?  My eating habits, good, bad, or indifferent are just that, MINE!  If I choose to eat things that are soaked in trans fats then it's my poor decision and if you don't know me, why do you care?  I don't care that you have three small children and go to the gym for ninety hours a week.  That's your choice.  Me choosing to write fanfiction instead of going to the gym is my choice.  Can't we just be contented in our own worlds without having to worry about people judging all the time.

I mean let's be honest.  If someone was to just take a glance at me on the street they are going to judge me on two primary factors.  The first being I'm black and the second my being "fat".  Just by me being my race there will be a natural assumption that I'm loud, obnoxious, "ghetto", uneducated, in love with all things Tyler Perry, and probably have seven children with nine different dudes.  And because I'm fat those same assumptions will double in their application.  The truth is while I can be both loud and obnoxious, but it's sometimes not everyday and I am most certainly not "ghetto" (I sang opera for years, come on now!).  I was in Delta Mu Delta which is the International Business Honor Society in college, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business and graduated with a 3.6 GPA, and I'm in the midst of starting my own business.  And while I don't have anything personal against Tyler Perry, I certainly don't ever care to see his movies and I have no children (at this time) except for my future stepchildren.  My point is, you can't make assumptions about people just by what you can see.

And as for this endless "skinny/ healthy" vs. "fatties" debate get over it!  But more importantly get over yourself!  People are going to make decisions not based on how you want them to be, but what happens at the time of their decision.  Grant it, people never discuss the fact that you can get fast food for in most cases a dollar, and it's double that to get something not super processed.  People are so quick to pass judgement, but never ever quick to solve the root cause to most problems.

But anyway...

If the "fatties" of the world want to strut around online and wear practically nothing or nothing at all who am I or anyone else to tell them no because of their size?  Bigger people get so much crap for expressing their beauty, but if some thinner people did it then oh it's ok.  Yes, I just love a DOUBLE STANDARD!  Leave these people alone and for God sakes, shut the hell up!  You don't like it, then go find something else online to look at like a Victoria Secret or Abercrombie ad or something.  There are more than enough sites for that "idealized" version of what people "should" look like that you don't have to spend time harshly criticizing someone who doesn't meet that ideal.

And please, don't try to blow smoke up my skirt and claim that you care about people and want them to be healthy.  Your fake altruism is both condescending and nauseating, besides you would feel better if you just admitted you don't like "fat" people.  Be honest, that's ok to be honest.  Just as I'm going to be honest and say that I don't like judgmental assholes, so let's call it a wash.
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