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Waiting on the world to change...

I just read an article that really stirred something up inside me.  It was the New York Times article about a girl who's family is living in a decrepit homeless shelter in New York.  It was a really disheartening article, but it just vividly illustrates how this insane idea that if we subjugate poor people in favor of rich people who supposedly generate jobs and all this wealth, that everyone is better off.  I don't even understand how people could possibly think "Trickle Down Economics" work, when it has been proven time and again that it not only doesn't work,  but creates all kinds of problems for people who are in the middle class range.

This article is really good but things really need to change and I know they probably won't because no one wants to hear that vast sweeping change takes decades; everyone wants a quick fix, but when a foundation is broken, you can't just slap a patch job on it and thing things are going to be better overnight.  It took decades to bring people into this mess and it will take decades to get out.

And I really don't want to hear all this pandering crap about "personal responsibility".  I'm so sick of people saying that, especially considering  when all those banks failed no one ever took "personal responsibility" for it.  It was someone else fault, I.e. bad lending practices, shady accounting methods, and a total lack of business ethics.  Where was the "personal responsibility" when they ran off with their tail between their legs to the government looking for and getting a handout and were never ever held accountable for it.  So enough with the crap about "personal responsibility", because if the rich, the people everyone is supposed to admire and strive to be like; if they are never "personally responsible", why should we expect anyone else to be?

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