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And how many times has this been said?

You know...  Not that I'm criticizing here, because I too suffer from needing a brick wall to fall on my head a few times before I stop doing something stupid, but why do girls keep falling for the whole Bodyline Modeling contest bit?  Yes I know I'm late to this party, but the TLC thing kinda merged into the Bodyline Modeling contest controversy, so I just feel compelled to add my two cents.

However, I thought it was pretty much a well established fact that the Bodyline Contest was a search for Mr. Yan to find a wife, or a booty call, or concubine, or whatever he calls himself looking for.  There have been more than one instance where once the winner arrives in Japan things start to go down the creepy perverted hill pretty rapidly and all the stories mimic each other, "I get there, I'm forced to do photoshoots for nearly 12 hours a day with very few breaks.  Later I have to go out with Mr. Hebephile himself and his staff and I am asked all kinds of wildly inappropriate questions."  Ok, so with this pretty much being public record, why do people keep baiting the alligator knowing that it's going to bite them?

I understand the desire to go to Japan.  I can even understand wanting to be a model, especially a Lolita model, but you have to look at this with an adult perspective.  Yes, I know, these are pretty much young teenage girls with very limited life experience, but here's an important life lesson I'm going to share, always read a contract.  Everyone will tell you, never EVER sign a contact without thoroughly reading it over first.  I don't know what's in their contact, but just the verbiage about "the model must be pure"?!  That sends up a red flag right then and there.

Side note:  What the deuce does "Pure" mean anyway?  The Merriam-Webster definition of pure is "not mixed with anything else".  I don't think people are chemicals, drinks, numbers, or a tape so you can't "mix" them with anything.  But we all know what he's trying to say.  He wants his models to be virgins.

Yo, I saw this hentai a few years back and I don't remember the name of it, but basically this old dude offered a girl a job, but right before he sexually assaulted her he tells her, "If you're not a virgin I will not hire you".  And I think pretty much this is how the whole modeling gig would end up going down if the girls weren't so repulsed by Mr. Hebephile.

Also, the winning prize is a 2 star hotel stay and indentured servitude for a week.  Oh yay!  You make it sound all too grand!  Being on staff for a convention has better working conditions than that, come on now!  But I know what people think when they sign up to do this.  They think they can handle it and I can understand that.  It's kinda how I felt before we moved into a subdivision with a Home Owners Association.  I foolishly thought I can deal with the HOA, because I'm getting a little clubhouse, with a mini gym, a nice pool, and little playground area (and now a little putting course...  Rolls eyes.).   But the second I get a note complaining about how the grass in the yard is too long or we didn't park a car properly, I'm ready to punch someone in the HOA.  It's the same mentality.  You can handle it until the honeymoon period is over and the ugly reality sets in, then you can no longer handle the situation at hand.

Well, I don't care how you feel about Bodyline, but my advice to budding young Lolitas who want to models is you'd be better off taking selfies of you in Lolita for a blog or Youtube or whatever than entering this contest, because it really doesn't seem safe nor like the best idea on the planet.
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