aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

"You took 4 minutes of my life and I want them back!"

"Eh, I'd only waste them." -Hans Moleman from The Simpsons.

I did finally see the whole TLC Living Doll bit and I really do feel like I lost like 35 minutes of my life and much like Hans Moleman I would waste them, but at least I wouldn't waste them watching tripe.  Sigh...  I don't even know?!  It was pretty much along the lines of what I expected, kinda boring, kinda annoying, kinda like what are you trying to do and what is this supposed to mean?!  I didn't think it was as rage inducing as the girls online would have you believe; actually I didn't get mad about it at all.  I was actually more upset about the whole What Not To Wear bit then this; this was just a waste of time and energy.

The stuff with the guy, I couldn't watch, because he fell right into the "uncanny valley" and the messed up part is he is human and not a robot or statue!  How does that work?!

The stuff with the Venus chick...  I don't really have an opinion about her one way or another.  I just get that Leopold (Mozart) vibe; where her mother is being the over zealous stage mom, constantly farming her daughter out in search of fame and glory (probably to compensate for her own failed dreams of such), but the daughter just so caught up in the glitz and glamor she doesn't realize it.  And much like Mozart, she'll have an ego the size of Jupiter when she's an adult; but unlike Mozart, he had an actual talent, being cute isn't a tangible talent or anything you can put on a resume.  What will happen to her when the "cute" fades?  She'll have a very difficult time adjusting to regular life.

And the stuff with the Emily girl...  Some people are saying her segment was scripted some people are saying it's real, I don't know?  I just thought that segment where she went to look for a job in a lacy blouse, bloomers, and over the knee socks was super weird.  And it's messed up I know, but the part where she went to the auto shop dressed in the aforementioned items I kept thinking how I've seen so many porn movies that start like this.  On second thought, I don't know if that reflects poorly on her dressing like that at an auto shop or me for knowing how porn movies start?  Oh well...

Either way, I still think the Lolitas need to sit this one out and let the babies have their bottle, but I've seen the hate messages on the TLC site and really, I don't even understand how they think this is going to make a bit of difference to any opinion they may have?  Sending them hate messages are just going to be ignored.   Besides, they got their viewers and the sponsors got to advertise to those viewers and thus the cycle of television is complete.  I think it's time to move on from this.  I mean it's just one of many lowest common denominator shows they have.  Personally, I'll stick to Say Yes to the Dress and the occasional episodes of Four Weddings, at least they cause me not to cough up pieces of herniated lung.
Tags: come on now?!, lolita, petty annoyances

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