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Mr. Yan is coming to town...

Oh God...  Have we not listened to the sage advice of pretty much several young women who've tangoed with Bodyline and Mr. Yan?!  We haven't learned anything at all?  Really?  Fine...

Pretty much they found a new model and Mr. Yan more or less saying that Americans are all bags that a woman would use on a warm July evening (so to speak).  However after finding this new chick he has changed his tune about Americans and said in the press release, "Mr Yan decided to visit the USA this year.  Maybe one day Mr Yan will knock on your door!?"

Well...  Shit...  This is truly one of those times that I am glad that I don't fit the Japanese ideal of beauty because that is probably the scariest thing I've read in awhile.  And there's only one retort statement I have that I think is appropriate for that quote, so take it away Antoine:

Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, lolita, really?!, scary stuff

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