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Mr. Yan is coming to town...

Oh God...  Have we not listened to the sage advice of pretty much several young women who've tangoed with Bodyline and Mr. Yan?!  We haven't learned anything at all?  Really?  Fine...

Pretty much they found a new model and Mr. Yan more or less saying that Americans are all bags that a woman would use on a warm July evening (so to speak).  However after finding this new chick he has changed his tune about Americans and said in the press release, "Mr Yan decided to visit the USA this year.  Maybe one day Mr Yan will knock on your door!?"

Well...  Shit...  This is truly one of those times that I am glad that I don't fit the Japanese ideal of beauty because that is probably the scariest thing I've read in awhile.  And there's only one retort statement I have that I think is appropriate for that quote, so take it away Antoine:


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Jan. 24th, 2014 06:21 pm (UTC)
I just recently watched an episode of My Strange Addiction that featured what they called "living dolls," and one of the people on the show was Venus Angelic. I thought something seemed off about her (not due to the Lolita thing; her personality and her interactions with her mother rubbed me the wrong way somehow. and her teeth were gross), so I went to the TWOP forums to read other people's opinions, and someone posted this link to a story about how Venus was trying to win a modeling contest for Bodyline, and how Mr. Yan dismissed her upon meeting her because she didn't match the description her mother provided of her weight. He flat out told her "I have no need for you."

The whole thing was really creepy to me... the story read like he puts out this contest to find models but it's really a cover for him to find young girls to sleep with or something?? I don't know, but I found it odd that a company would write this long, drawn-out "defense" of why they didn't choose Venus and why she was so much trouble for them. They were quoting dialog and listing her measurements, really personal information that they had no business putting out there. What company does that? Then as I read further I found out that Bodyline is frowned upon in the Lolita community... I don't know, the whole thing was weird??

I also read that a lot of people think Venus' mother is using her for money (which rings true to me just from what I saw on My Strange Addiction), and a lot of people don't like Venus. I don't know, I need to read more about this because I found the whole thing fascinating.
Jan. 24th, 2014 06:28 pm (UTC)
Oh I remember one of the things that bothered me about the story that Bodyline put out - they wrote how they only put up for a 2-star hotel, and that their company is for "Cinderella," girls who are not princesses but have the dream to get there through Bodyline. They wrote that they only put out for a cheap hotel because they have no room for girls who already believe they are princesses and deserve a 5-star experience.

Like, say what?? I'm sorry, but if you're doing a contest and picking a winner, being cheap like that is a bunch of bs. I wouldn't support a company who pulled that crap. I'm SURE they can afford better accommodations than a TWO STAR hotel. Come on now. And then to blame it on the people who complain by saying they think they are princesses who deserve better? Oh, so sorry that I think I deserve better than to sleep in a room with rat traps. I guess that makes me a stuck up "princess."
Jan. 27th, 2014 11:42 am (UTC)
Oh the Bodyline Controversy... There have been several reports from former contest winners stating that you do countless hours of photoshoots with very few breaks and Mr. Yan or his cohorts end up harassing you about staying in Japan or making really bizarre and inappropriate questions about the model's personal life. It has also been said that these "contests" are a ploy to find Mr. Yan a wife. And even more creepy is the fact that he lowered the contest entry age to 13 years old, which is the age of consent in Japan.

You would think after all this stuff came out, girls would stop modeling for Bodyline, but it continues and parents allow their daughters to travel to do this contest too and I do believe it stipulates the winner has to travel alone and/ or their companions must pay for themselves. If I had a teenaged daughter, no way I would let my daughter do something like this!

I really agree with you there about the 2 star hotel thing. I mean I understand that you're trying to cut costs down, but you could at least have your winners stay somewhere a little nicer than a 2 star hotel especially after working them like a pack mule. But that really doesn't surprise me. One of the reasons why Bodyline is looked down upon is because their quality isn't the greatest thing on earth.

Because I'm a plus size Lolita I can't fit into their clothes, but I have brought shoes from them on several occasions and they never arrive in a shoe box. They always arrive in a regular plastic Bodyline bag. I mean even the knock off shoes I get from China come in a box, I mean seriously.

As for Venus, I agree with you and so many others about her mother just using her for money and exposure. It's really sad that she's exploiting her daughter this way and it's setting her up for a major identity crisis when she gets older. As I mentioned before "cute" isn't a tangible talent and with her and her mother catering to the Japanese market, her shelf life is really short. Pretty much once you hit 25, you're pretty much deemed "old" in Japan.
Jan. 28th, 2014 04:52 pm (UTC)
I agree with you about Venus and how her shelf life is short, especially in Japan and their obsession with youth. In my readings online, someone posted that she and her mother flit around from country to country to avoid paying taxes on her YouTube income. I can't imagine doing that to my kid, she is not going to have any emotional development when she's an adult.

Another thing I read about those Bodyline contests is that the winners don't get to keep the clothes they modeled in? In the story that Bodyline posted, they stated that all the dresses Venus modeled had the small of body odor in them that they were unable to get out, so they threw the dresses away. That sounded crazy to me. Why not just ship them to Venus if you're going to throw them out anyway?

That company reeks of SHADE all over the place.
Jan. 28th, 2014 04:54 pm (UTC)
obviously I meant SMELL of body odor, not small. lol
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