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Ooooh boy....

I don't know if you all know this about me, but I love bad movies.  Showgirls, Gnaw Food of the Gods 2, The Room those are just a few of my favorite bad movies.  I said that to say this, bad video games are quite a bit different than bad movies.  Bad movies aren't interactive for a start.  When you watch a movie you aren't expected to press a button to initiate a the next scene or go to the lobby to get more popcorn as a sidequest.  Pretty much you just sit back and watch the mess unfold.

A bad video game however...  You are expected to participate, but playing a bad game can be like someone slowly pulling off your fingernails with a small pair of rusty pliers or using leather sewing needles for acupuncture.  I mean absolutely painful and no fun at all.  Nothing is worse than spending good money on a suckey game.  And I've played my fair share of crappy games (I'm sure we all have) and I've even watched games on Youtube that were really horrible, but nothing and I mean NOTHING beats Ride To Hell Retribution 1%.

I know I'm super late to this party but I could not believe how crappy this was.  I mean, I heard the rumors, but it wasn't until I watched it with my own two eyes that I'm like...  Oooh....  Damn, this is pretty crappy.

It's late and I won't get into how bad it is, but just check it out for yourself.  I only got through one part and I was ready to wrap it up.  It is a mess you have been warned.

Ride To Hell (And beyond) Retribution 1%

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