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Oh what have I done...?

Remember last year when I was on one of my Wesker tangents and I was talking about the guy who played the first Albert Wesker.  Well I found that movie Shadow Dead Riot.  Oooh it's so awful and cheap...  And I love it!

Oh I haven't seen anything this cheap and bad in a long time.  The "zombies"...  Oh I've seen better monster makeup at the Holloween store.  There was this one zombie dude, he was walking like his lumbago was flaring up.  Another zombie dude had this really fake eyeball and was yanking on it to see.  The one girl had a baby and the baby was a really cheesy looking mutant toy baby.  Oh it was a mess, a mess!  But truly hilarious.  I haven't laughed at such a bad movie in awhile.

It's on Amazon rentals if you want to see it.  And it is highly recommended if you enjoy really suckey movies.

Oh and P.S.  Sergio Jones aka Sergio Alarcon (as listed in the credits) aka "Eric" aka Wesker, is only in the very beginning prison part.  He's actually aged really well.
Tags: albert wesker, are you f-ing serious?!, b movies, come on now?!, fail, really?!, schadenfreude-tastic

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