aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

The 2014 Anime Bowl

Oh how I loathe sports, especially football...  And this year I was invited to a Stupor Bowl party, with my friends at the women's club.  But they actually like football and I didn't want to be the only woman hanging out with the guys, because apparently the guys were outside cooking and chatting while the ladies were in the house watching a game, funny huh?  Sorta like a sitcom joke.  But no...  I already voluntarily sat through a playoff game, I refused to sit through another football thing, so tomorrow I'll be once again doing my Anime Bowl.

This year's theme is hot guy on guy action.  Oh yes, this year is my Shounen Ai/ Yaoi themed Anime Bowl.  So I have about 10+ hours of yaoi planned.  Some of it I'll be watching DVD's and the rest come from my 7 hour Youtube playlist.  That should keep me more than occupied while the Stupor Bowl is going on.

Ah, sweet distraction....
Tags: anime, anime bowl, yaoi

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