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Anime Bowl 2014 = Awesome!

I have to say, yesterday's 9th Annual (I can't believe I've been doing this for 9 years...  Goodness!) Anime Bowl was really fun.  Most of the yaoi I watched yesterday, I'd never seen before, so it was not only hot stuff, but new stuff as well.  My favorite of all the shows I watched yesterday was Kachou No Koi.  That had me on the floor cracking up laughing.  My second favorite was Koisuru Boukun and in third place came You're My Love Prize In ViewFinder.  That was a good Anime Bowl indeed and we'll have to come up with what next year's Anime Bowl theme will be.  Maybe I'll do pre-2000 era anime, I don't know?  I'll have to see...
Tags: anime, anime bowl, yaoi

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