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What the hell is up with Castlevania?!  I know I've had my differences with Lords of Shadow (mostly because a can't work that stupid ass Quicktime Event on the first boss), but that aside, what the hell!?  I just watched the demo for Lord of Shadow 2 (The Electric Boogaloo) and Dude that was the main character in LoS1 (Just for fun or not considering the aforementioned problem I had with it) is now "Dracul" or whatever?!

See, this is the problem I have with Hideo Blojima, he comes in and starts infecting series with nonsensical bull crap and ends up poisoning them for all time.  I mean look what happened with Metal Gear, with the whole "Oh Snake is dying because his creators didn't want him to live long and wah wah wah".  Oh and the reason why Ocelot became Liquid Ocelot is not because he was The Sorrow's son and inherited his ability to communicate with the dead.  No no, that would make too much sense.  He became Liquid Ocelot because of the Nano Machines.  Blojima you must be on some A Grade Crack to come up with that one!  But, Metal Gear is such a convoluted mess that I can't even be bothered with it anymore.  So it wasn't enough to make Metal Gear suck to no end, but you just had to drag poor Castlevania into your downward cyclone of craptasticness and boinkery.  Really, hasn't Castlevania suffered enough with people screwing over the original storyline/ cannon (Kuji Igarashi and your gross facial hair, I'm looking directly at you and referring to the Sonia Belmont thing!) and now that Blojima got his robotic mitts on it...  Sigh...  Stick a fork, a steak knife, a flavor injector, and a couple of toothpicks into it, because it's completely done!

And don't get me wrong, I understand wanting to take the series in a whole new direction and what have you, but seriously, Dude turned his back on the army of light or whatever they were called to be Dracula (or should I say Crackula) at the end.  Oh please! The Belmonts are supposed fight on the side of good not BE Dracula!  Well, I guess this is where me and poor Castlevania part ways.  And I've always loved Castlevania too!  I've been a Castlevania fan since I played Castlevania 2 way back in the day, but now thanks to friggin' Blojima, I have to walk away from that too.

Van Damme Hideo Blojima!  What else are you going to take from me?!  How about find a way to ruin Mozart for me....?  Let me hush before he congers up a way to do that very thing.
Tags: are you f-ing serious?!, blownami, castlevania series, come on now?!, fail, hideo blojima, metal gear solid series, really?!, video games

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