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What the hell!?  Really, that's all I can say.  WHAT THE HELL?!

I decided that I didn't want to watch the entire cluster boink of stupidity and craptasticness that was Castlevania, so I opted to watch the end of the game and I'm wondering why I did this to myself?

First of all (and you know that's not good when a black woman starts a sentence with "First of all"), I still haven't gotten over this whole, Gabriel Belmont is Dracula bit!  Where was Blonami pulling that out from?  But I guess they decided to throw that evil priest Shaft in it and he was trying to resurrect Satan?!  WHAT?!  So like, I don't know, right now I'm watching some battle between Satan and Gabriel having what I call The Brawl For It All and....

*Watches for a bit...*

And now the The Brawl For It All is over....  UGH!!!!

*Bangs head on wall!*

You know what?!  Y'all need to pay me for watching this!

See this is what happens when stupid Hideo Blojima gets his mitts on stuff; grant it he didn't work on this, but still, he was the reason why LoS was a mess from the door!  But that was truly the most ridiculous ending to a game I've seen in awhile!  And I'm blaming Blojima because if he had just left well enough alone, the storyline wouldn't be so screwed over.

Oh for the love of Chicken!  How is Dracula going to fight Satan?  What sense does that even make?!

"Oh let's have Dracula fight Satan and it will be awesome!"

No, no, no it won't.  No...  Just NO!  Stop!

Satan vs. Dracula...?!  Sigh........

You know what I don't have anything else to add, so I'm going to go do something else now.  And screw you Blonami!  That was a nice series you had there once.  And now it's dead!  Much like my hopes and dreams of for a good Konami game.

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