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The things I do to feed my obessions....

So since it's spring break and I'm home alone bored, I decided to watch something on Nutflix, but I wasn't in the mood for my normal depressing documentaries.  Although I did start out wanting to watch one of the Oscar nominated ones.  The one about the "Arab Spring".  But I copped out and decided to type in D.C. Douglas's name in and up popped Titanic II, so I'm in the mood for something crazy and I clicked on it.

Oooh...  I don't even know what to say, except maybe "Damn!"  I haven't seen anything this zany since I watched Shadow Dead Riot two months ago.

Oh the things I do for people that I love and adore, I tell you...

But you know what, maybe once every two months or so, I'll look for movies (or shows) that each of the 4 guys who voiced Wesker were in and watch them.  So far they've been fun in a campy Gnaw Food of the Gods 2 kind of way.
Tags: albert wesker, bwuh, guilty pleasures, really?!

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