aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

And THIS is why I continue to have and use my Livejournal!

For incidents like this, that I cannot put on Facebook, because I have too many random religious/ conservative types who would not be amused by the super wacky things I enjoy.

So with that being said, let's back up a bit to the middle of last year when I was introduced to Willam Belli of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4 (I think).  One of my lesser conservative friends posted his Rupologize video up and I was hooked.  I started subscribing to his Youtube channel, keeping track of clubs he was visiting, but stopping just shy of following him on Facebook (It seemed a little too stalkery), I even chose his song Trouble as last year's song of the year.  So about a week or two ago he uploaded a new vlog and this was about how he...  Well let's just say it's how he gets ready for his shows.  Enjoy and try not to cringe at the end:

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