aachannoichi (aachannoichi) wrote,

"I feel like I'm joining a cult."

This is exactly what kawaii_neko23 said to me when she played the end of Metal Gear Solid 2.  And yeah, she was and is right.

Remember when I was the Queen of Metal Gear?  Remember when I used to love that series more than anything?!  Sigh...  Those days are well over, as of this time last year.  But oddly enough, last week I started playing/ watching Metal Gear Solid and yesterday, I was bored and started to watch Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty aka SoL.  And SoL (Sh#T outta Luck) it is!  MGS2 was where it all began to go completely wrong and it went all the way wrong with the second half of MGS2 after you beat Fatman and have to meet up with that hostage dude in the hostage zone.

Part two is when they really started to hit the player hard with that whole dumb-ass Patriots crap!  You know I could kinda deal with Raiden back in the day.  I was one of those people that never really hated him, nor did I ever really like him.  I thought as far as characterizations went, he was just OK.  I thought the arbitrary tacked on tragic back-story was a bit labored, but I guess that had to get shoe-horned in to make that stupid ass Patriots plot-line to "work", which didn't really pan out either way you slice it.

But before you think I blame Raiden for this mess, I don't blame Raiden.  I put the blame where it's due and that goes all to Hideo Blojima!  In re-watching MGS2, I realize it started out kinda promising.  Snake's part in the beginning is probably the most tolerable part of the entire game.  The first part of Raiden's game is ok, not really much to write home about, other than sticking this random bishounen in a game that didn't need it.  However, as previously mentioned, the second part of the game post that hostage zone part is a mess.  I still don't get how we jumped from Nuclear War is a problem, which was the overarching theme in MGS, to the United States is controlling all the information in the world and trying to manufacture truths to make life tolerable which was the theme in SoL?

I just finished watching that LONG ass 30 minute explanation of the S3 plan by the fake AI Campbell and it makes even less sense than it did 11 years ago!  Some Selection for Societal Sanity...?!  Get wit me!  And even with this sad S3 plan, I really don't see how that fit into MGS4 and the whole the nanomachines are ruining the world thing they were talking about.  So much stupidity shoehorned into one game.  I would kill to know what kind of crazy pills Blojima was on when he did MGS2, because the end of that is pretty much a psychotropic drug trip.

But right now I'm watching MGS3 movies and I know where this is leading up to.  Me watching the worst of the worst, MGS4.  3 reminds me of everything I loved about Metal Gear.  4 on the other hand reminds me of how much I abhor Blojima's pretentiousness and asinine conspiracy theories.  I'll watch MGS4, I'll hate and I'll scream and complain though each an every part, but I'll watch it to complete the series and to remind me of how far down the evolutionary scale this once beloved game had slid.

I think kawaii_neko23 was right though.  I don't think Blojima had any idea what he wanted to do after making Metal Gear Solid and it really shows badly, especially with the 4th game!
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