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The Pax East trailer for The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku was put up today and OH SNAP!  I can't tell you how desperately I need this game in my life right now!  My game options are so in the trash right now, that in I'll probably end up watching and being disgusted by Metal Gear Solid 4 at some point this week.  And while I am still going through my hyper obsession with Wesker and I've been thinking about buying all this Resident Evil crap, but it's all sometime to occupy my time until The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku comes out on August 26th.

It's been so LONG since a game scared me so badly that I ended up afraid of the dark and this is promising to scare the pants off me and having me so scared that I can't leave my bed at night.  Oh I can't wait!  Oh it's going to be amazing.  And hopefully some really awesome fanfiction will be born from all of this too.  That would be a plus!

It's funny that this should come out today, because I was just thinking this morning about how Shinji (Mikami) does games that he seems to genuinely seems want people to enjoy playing (unlike some pretentious people, Blojima I'm looking mainly in your direction!), not to mention be scared out of their minds.  I love Shinji so much.  He is my hero!

Anyways, here's the trailer.  I'm going to watch it a couple more times before I take a nap, which is probably a bad idea, but oh well!  Enjoy!

Tags: creepy stuff, evil within-psycho breaku, scary stuff, shinji mikami stuff, video games

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