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Let's scare away our blues!

I'm feeling pretty depressed today, a combination of Jose having to travel for the next three weeks, still grappling mentally with the boinkery that was last week, and then hearing one of my favorite groups of people is disbanding, all of this just has me bummed out beyond belief.  So instead of wallowing in self-misery, I've been trying to focus on stuff that makes me happy or at least scare the crap out of me.  So right now I'm focusing my attentions on The Evil Within/ Psycho Breaku.

Last week sometime I put twenty dollars down on it and I've been watching people's analysis of the trailers and stuff, but there are some things that I know no one I've seen have mentioned.  Let's start with what could be the least important thing (and something I may be overreaching to notice), but was I the only one who saw Sebastian's ring.  In the last trailer I noticed that Sebastian had a wedding band on:

Sebastian ring

It makes me wonder if his being married will play a part in the game and could it relate to this quick scene we saw in the last trailer:

Flower field

The house in the background is creepy as hell, but the flowers are nice.  Knowing Shinji, it will be something messed up like the flowers turn into corpse and they're all grabbing at you or something scary like that.  But in any case, could they be the flowers his wife likes, I don't know?  Also, as I said before I could be "straining to do some explaining" but Sebastian having a wedding band caught my eye and I wanted to throw that fact out there.

A little higher up on the "straining to do some explaining" train is something that has really bothered me, but I can't be sure if I'm making up stuff or not.  But the opening part where you're trapped where the Butcher is, why can't I shake the feeling that the guy you hear getting chopped in half is the guy you left to guard the gate when you first arrive at Beacon Mental Hospital?  I think they called him Oscar:


If you look REALLY REALLY REALLY closely, it looks like him as the Butcher drags his corpse off to be cut up:

Half guy

Plus it also looks like the guy is wearing a police uniform.

That's pretty messed up if it is.  This is just pure speculation on my part, but I think that's the same guy.

And lastly, what Ruvic (or however you spell that) the game's main enemy, what he tells Sebastian haunts me, "Will you be able to live with yourself knowing what I am going to make you do?"  And that line has been driving me mad, because I want to know what he is going to make him do?!  Make him a sandwich?  Tuck him in with a kiss at night?  More than likely it has to do with these two sequences:



Maybe Ruvic is going to force Sebastian into betraying them.  It's some pretty interesting stuff and I'm dying to get this game in my clutches.  But alas, it it will be 4 months and 6 days until we find out.
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