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Technology of the ancient ones...

So I was watching CinemaSins dial a sin promo they had this morning and they had a clip of a PSA on how to use a rotary phone.  For those of you born well after 1986, a rotary phone looked like this:


And how it worked was you stuck your finger in the holes, that round part would spin, and dial the number.  I can't lie, I use to LOVE watching the round part spin around, it was oddly soothing and mildly hypnotic.  But anyway, that's how people use to make phone calls back in the day, until push button phones took over.

However, in watching this PSA, I'm just like oh snap!  For openers I never knew what that silver piece was for and apparently it was a "finger stop".  I always thought it kept the spinny thing on the phone, so it didn't fly off and decapitate someone.  2. When she broke out the phone book, I was stunned one, because it was so small and two because it was a phone book.  I have this conversation at home a lot, that even I don't use the phone book anymore and I will use some pretty antiquated stuff (hence why I like LJ, which hasn't be relevant since 2007 or so).  Like the most I use the phone book for is to look at all the "escort" services in there.  Although I do contend that the longest "escort" section I'd ever seen was in the phone book in Washington D.C.  I think that was at least 20 to 40 pages long.  Apart from that, I don't even bother with the phone book anymore because you can find any business telephone number online.  Honestly, I don't even know why they even bother still printing a phone book anymore, yet twice a year we still get one.

Side note: If you showed a phone book to a child, would they even know what it was for or how to use it?

But there was the phone book and then she said something about letting the phone ring at least a minute or 10 times to give someone time to answer.  10 rings!  Screw that noise!  Most phones if you don't answer in 4 rings the machine/ voicemail will pick up.  Even when I was a kid mom told said to let it ring at least 3 no more than 4 times before hanging up (in the days before answering machines and please, voicemail was still at least 15 years away).

The last thing that got me was part of the phone number the PSA lady was dialing had letters in the beginning of it.  I remember mom telling me once that she vaguely remembered a time when someone had to use letters for part of a phone number, but it was when she was really, really little, like 2 or 3 years old.  I can't say I ever remember people using letters as part of a phone number.  Well not unless it's something like you're trying to spell out a word like 555-shoe or something like that.

But anyway, here's the PSA.  I thought it was kinda interesting and it was a reminder of how much I miss the old rotary phones.  They really should make a rotary cell phone...  Oooh ooh, or better still a rotary smart phone!

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